Full Body Home Workout – Quick Body Toning Exercises


I’m going to take you through one of my favorite full body home workouts. This is a super convenient exercise program that you can do in the privacy of your own home. All you will need is a chair and a pair of light dumbbells. You will also be using your own body weight for several of the exercises. Before starting this workout, make sure to warm-up for about 5-10 minutes to get your muscles warm and your blood flowing. You can warm-up by doing jumping jacks or jumping rope.

This home workout includes 6 great exercises that work your whole body. You will do each exercise for 15 repetitions. Once you have completed all 6 exercises in a row, take a quick 30-60 second break and then go back and do them again. You will be doing a total of 3 sets for this workout routine. You will be working your upper and lower body with muscle building exercises that include pushups, ab crunches, squats, biceps curls with a shoulder press, triceps dips and step ups on a chair.

Full Body Home Workout – Exercise #1

Exercise: Pushups on Chair

Reps: 15

Workout Advice: This exercise is excellent for building your upper body. Pushups target your chest, shoulders and triceps. Place a chair in the middle of a room and position your hands at about shoulder width apart with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Slowly lower yourself down until your chest is just above the chair and make sure to keep your elbows out in order to target your pecs. Push yourself back up to the top position and really focus on squeezing your chest muscles.



Full Body Home Workout – Exercise #2

Exercise: AB Crunches on Chair

Reps: 15

Workout Advice: This exercise really targets your abs with a primary focus on the lower and middle part of your stomach muscles. Sit on a chair and hold onto each side while extending your legs out in front of you. Make sure you are fully balanced before starting. With your legs extended, pull your legs into your chest and crunch your abs. Focus on placing maximum tension on your abs and really squeeze your stomach muscles when you pull your legs in and crunch your abs!



Full Body Home Workout – Exercise #3

Exercise: Plie Squats and Calf Raises

Reps: 15

Workout Advice: These squats are excellent for working your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes (butt) and calves. Keep a slight bend in your knees as you squat down and keep your abs and core tight. Try and feel the tension in your legs as you push yourself back up to the top. Once you reach the top of the squat, raise up on your toes and flex your calves.



Full Body Home Workout – Exercise #4

Exercise: Biceps Curls with Shoulder Press

Reps: 15

Workout Advice: This exercise works your biceps and your deltoids (shoulders). Grab a light pair of dumbbells and sit on a chair. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use full water bottles for this exercise. Sit on the edge of the chair and let the weights hang naturally down to your sides. Make sure to sit upright with good posture and a straight back. Curl the weights up with your arms to work your biceps and then press the weights directly over your head to complete the shoulder press movement.




Full Body Home Workout – Exercise #5

Exercise: Triceps Dips on Chair

Reps: 15

Workout Advice: This is an outstanding exercise that targets the back of your arms (triceps). It also works your deltoids (shoulders) and chest as secondary muscles. To begin, place your hands on the edge of a chair and make sure your feet are firmly planted on the floor for stability. Slowly lower your upper body to the bottom position and make sure you try and keep your elbows tucked into your sides in order to really place maximum tension on your triceps. Push yourself back up to the top and really flex your triceps for a great contraction.



Full Body Home Workout – Exercise #6

Exercise: Step Ups on Chair

Reps: 15

Workout Advice: This exercise works your whole legs and it’s amazing for toning and tightening your butt (glutes). If it’s too difficult for you to step up onto a chair, you can use a step in your house to make it a little easier. Step up onto the middle of a chair with one leg and once you bring your body up to the top of the chair bring your other leg way up to chest level. Squeeze your butt really hard and then carefully lower your leg back down to the chair and then step down to complete the exercise.




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