Get Fitness Results – Half The Effort Equals Half The Results


Great results take time, effort, and commitment. Some people think that they can go to the gym once a month and look like Halle Berry. If that were the case there would be a ton of good looking people walking around. Anything that is worth having requires discipline and commitment. To get what you never had you have to start doing what you’ve never done. This requires changing your habits, mindset, and stepping outside of the box.

It is important to start and work with whatever you have. Everyone has talents and skills, it just takes a commitment to work with what you have. When you were a baby you didn’t learn how to crawl before you learned to walk. The same is true with fitness goals and being healthy. If you start out with what you have and commit to even just walking five times a week it’s a good start. Eventually if you keep increasing your effort you will get to where you want to be. Nothing beats feeling healthy, strong, and powerful.

The biggest choice we have to make is the choice to start. The choice is ours to be healthy, strong, committed, and disciplined. Nothing changes in our life if we don’t first change. It is important to eliminate the “I Can’t” in your vocabulary. Where there is a will there is a way! Most of our “I can’t” attitudes are formed simply because we are too lazy to or believe we are not good enough. It’s time to have a paradigm shift and realize we can and we are worth it! Attitude is truly everything in life and what determines how far you can go.

I currently work as a full-time Human Resources Manager and I am constantly interviewing new applicants. The biggest thing I look at is their attitude. Are they someone who is positive, upbeat, friendly, and passionate about life in general? I love to ask the question, “What motivates you?” when I conduct an interview. It has amazed me with the responses I have received. Some people say their kids, their health, happiness, education, and others say they don’t know or the money. It blows me away when people say they don’t know or the money. When you don’t know what motivates you and what stirs your passion in life, you are probably living a very sad life without any sense of direction.


The reason I love fitness and nutrition so much is because I know that the way I look affects how I feel. Fitness in nutrition plays a huge role in the way I look and the way I feel. I know that if I skip going to the gym for a month and eat junk food I am going to feel pretty low. I remember the best feeling was when I was working out hard for a good three months and my friend told me I looked healthier than ever. She said I not only looked healthier but much happier too! That compliment blew me away and kept me more motivated than ever to keep pushing myself.

Many times in life circumstances and things happen that we have no control over. However, fitness and eating healthy is something that we can control. Don’t let laziness and bad thoughts ruin your destiny. You can’t expect to be lazy and eat junk food and turn into Halle Berry. Many people sit around watching television and eating potato chips wondering why they feel so down. It starts with a decision to make changes. It starts with a change in your attitude and your mindset. Tell yourself this year is different and this is the year I make a lifestyle change that will change my life.

Many people think that they can go on fad diets and lose weight and feel better about themselves. This is just a temporary fix and an illusion. It takes a total lifestyle change and commitment to turn your life around. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods. I personally have one or two cheat days a week where I eat my favorite foods. I love junk food so it’s been tough for me to learn how to eat healthy. I literally used to eat fast food, ice cream, pizza, and chips every day! So you can imagine that was hard and took a ton of discipline to change those habits. However, because I give myself those cheat days it encourages me to work harder on the other days. The feedback I’ve received and the strength I feel has pushed me to only be better.


My goal and my hope for anyone reading this is to live the healthy life you are meant to and so deserve. Inspire yourself and others to be the best and rise to your potential. You can’t live a happy life with a negative mind and unhealthy body. Start with whatever you have now and keep going. You don’t have to have all the answers or see the whole staircase to take the first step. The main thing is that you take the first step and never look back. Spring into action and start living yours dreams now! If not now, then when? When will you start believing in yourself and treating yourself well? If you don’t do it no one else will and no one is going to make you do something you don’t want to do.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that when you put in half the effort you only get half the results. When I was in college I knew that if I only completed half of my credits I would not earn my Bachelor’s degree. The same is true with your fitness goals. If you only put in half the effort you won’t earn the full results. If you want to have great results, put in great effort in every area of your life including your fitness goals. This includes nutrition, working out, and your mindset. You can’t expect to magically just wake up with your dream body. It takes true strength, determination, courage, commitment, and perseverance. It will be worth it to know you put in the full effort and achieved the full results!

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