Heart Rate Monitor Reviews – Garmin Forerunner 405CX Watch


As a GPs watch and heart rate monitor the Foreunner 405CX is a terrific selection in a GPs monitor for individuals that enjoy very precise distance and tempo feedback, but it can function in many more ways.

Parallel in looks to the Forerunner 405, the 405CX offers a very intricate heart rate based calorie calculation, and it comes equipped with a second quick-release watch band that is tremendous for triathlon, although it is a tad difficult to change out. Garmin has some first-rate instructions on installation and a video on Garmin.com that helps reduce the watch band exchange time.

The Forerunner 405cx will sync up with foot pods for indoor use, along with cadence sensors to furnish highly accurate tempo, distance and cadence data, but we advocate using a bike mount for the watch should you decide to make use of it as a bicycle computer to improve your safety – it helps keep your hands on the bars where they should be.

If you are a runner this is one of the best watches available. You can lose the foot pod because with GPs and you attain an increased level of accuracy, tempo and distance. The tempo feature provided with Virtual Partner is a big asset when tuning up for races if you need someone to pace you on a specific course.

reviews-garmin-405cxPerhaps the one down side to the 405CX then it would be the contact sensitive watch bezel, however just if you do not remember to put it in lock mode. If you do not lock it and brush into another runner in a race you might wipe out your information or have your settings reset, so don’t forget to put it in lock mode at the beginning of training and you will be safe from this hazard. The other drawback is the amount of time the internal battery keeps a charge. The manufacturer claims eight hours in training settings but our experience was closer to six hours.

Do not misunderstand this battery life criticism, this is respectable battery life. This watch can take you through a long run or an epic bike ride but it won’t work for ultra-marathoners.

The ultra-sensitive GPs chip set is a large upgrade when compared to earlier versions with far better reception and sensitivity in the woods or in the city. On a lengthy ride on a forested single track in Montana we did not lose our signal once.

Transferring your data to PC for future scrutiny on Garmin Connect, or Training Peaks, is super simple. Simply place the USB stick into your notebook and if you are inside fifteen feet it transfers all the information for your exercise off the 405CX and this watch will accumulate up to one thousand specific locations for potential reference, this is an incredible feature for all sorts of different outdoor athletes

The really cool feature about the new GPs watches is that a lot of them eliminate the requirement for a separate bicycle computer for all but the real serious bikers. If you’d like power data like kilojoules and just exercise on your bicycle than you might be an optimum prospect for a cycling computer but, for multi-sport enthusiasts, the GPs watch is a breakthrough piece of equipment.

As with everything electronic there is a learning period, however, it will be decreased a great deal by carefully comprehending important portions of the instruction booklet and making use of Garmin’s website as a reference. Garmin provides many videos for teaching on their website and many give you a birdseye view of a tour guide.

The 405CX serves up a vast quantity of tools in a sleek and straight forward package. With built-in GPs there is no need for external sensors which is nice. If Garmin brought the charge duration up to the fourteen hours on the 310XT it would be a major improvement.

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