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For a bike computer, Polar’s CS600X with power is some serious team issue kit that is GPS capable, indicates pulse, tempo, distance and even watts output. You will spot the CS600X a top many bikes in events such as the Paris-Roubaix since it is the type of equipment that the pros use.

This bike computer is quite simple to get attached, customized and prepared to ride with the exclusion of the watts output meter, because it is a tad peculiar and requires a little adjustment. It is different from nearly all other watts output devices, which look at watts output created in the back wheel, or crank set – in other words, the drive train – this watts output measuring device indicates chain vibration.

It is one heck of a lot less expensive than the thousand dollars, plus you would spend on other watts output measurement devices and its ability to provide precise measurement has been brought into question in other tests. To precisely evaluate power you would need to conduct a dual test on a bicycle that comes with a Cyclops, or another upper-end watts output device, and we did not have access to this equipment.

Out on the road this bike computer functioned superbly syncing up right away and constantly displayed tempo, distance, pulse and power all the way through the entire ride.

reviews-polar-cs600xData input for up to 3 different wheel sizes is allowed so you must make certain that your selection is accurate before starting your ride, otherwise it can create accuracy issues.

The large screen renders exceptional information and readability, irrespective of weather, and the capability to use a GPS sensor to download mapping to Google Earth for later scrutiny is great and would be an awesome attribute for mountain bikers.

We absolutely loved the inclination measurement attribute because it precisely assessed the grade of the road, very precisely, in our estimates based upon topographic maps. If you understand where your gearing should be for a particular amount of slope you will discover this handy.

It’s tricky to contrast Polar’s line up of bike computers to Garmin’s, however the nuances might best be cataloged as follows. Polar provides a greater quantity of feedback and, in general, tends to have its bike computers run by peripheral speed sensors to create velocity feedback, although peripheral GPS sensors are obtainable and compatible with selected cycling computers. Polar has the better-quality exercise analysis software and receives the go-ahead for inclination metrics.

Garmin, by contrast, utilizes internal GPs sensors inside every one of its bike computers because it makes them much more precise for tempo and distance. The other item we loved concerning Garmin was its capability to match up to ANT-compliant watts output devices to exhibit watts output. While most ANT-complaint watts devices are a chunk of change, they are additionally quite precise.

The Polar Pro Trainer five software is part of the package lets you transfer your after-exercise information to a software wirelessly with a USB data stick and execute a quantity of top-notch scrutiny. For the most part, we would present the Polar CS600X 4.75 out of five stars.

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