High Intensity Leg Workout To Build Big Legs – Part 2


This is Turk again and we are at the Xtreme Edge Gym in Beaverton, Oregon for the second set in today’s high intensity leg workout. If you watched our first video which covered the first set in our leg workout, you will remember we did 3 different exercises which focused on the quadriceps muscles. Because we are doing each exercise in the set back to back with minimal rest in between, this is considered a giant set. We are trying to get a super high intensity workout so we are adding another set to this leg routine. If this workout is too intense for you, drop the second set and only focus on 1 giant set of 3 different exercises. Feel free to mix and match different exercises into your giant set but make sure to include exercises that target both the quadriceps the hamstrings muscles in order to build overall leg development and symmetry. The last thing you want is to have huge quads and underdeveloped hamstrings which will not only look strange but will cause potential injuries due to the lack of full development in the entire leg region.

High Intensity Leg Workout – 1st Exercise (Set #2):

Stiff Legged Deadlifts

Workout Advice:
This is a great exercise because it not only stretches the hamstrings but it also develops them as well. The the range of motion (ROM) is very important on this exercise. “Ankle to knee” is the key concept you want to remember on this movement. If you are lifting the barbell higher than your knees on the upward portion of this exercise, you will be targeting your lower back in this exercise. Since we want to target only the hamstrings muscles, make sure to only raise the bar to the height of your knees and then back down to your ankles to perform this movement correctly. Another term you can remember, is “shoelaces to knees” when you do this exercise.



 High Intensity Leg Workout – 2nd Exercise (Set #2):

Leg Press

Workout Advice:
The placement of your feet on this exercise will be narrow and high on the platform. This is important because it targets a different area of your legs. We included a training principle called “rest pause” with this exercise since Chris did not hit the target number of reps. A “rest pause” is basically resting after your first set for 60-90 seconds to regain some energy and then blasting out another full set to hit your goal reps.



 High Intensity Leg Workout – 3rd Exercise (Set #2):

Barbell Lunges

Workout Advice:
Technique is key on this exercise. Make sure to never let your knee to go past your foot in the downward portion of the movement. Letting your knee get too far ahead and past your foot will place too much pressure on your knee, could potentially cause injuries and it also does not target your quadriceps and hamstrings muscles which is the intended area you want to focus on. Always go slow and controlled on this exercise and really watch the amount of weight you use. If your form and technique start to suffer, immediately decrease the amount of weight you’re using. It’s always good to have a spotter on this exercise to make sure your form is rock solid and to assist you if you need help while performing this movement.



Make sure to watch part 1 of our high intensity leg workout which will include the first set where we target the quadriceps muscles with 3 different exercises that includes leg extensions, hack squats and smith machine squats.

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