How To Find a New Gym That Fits All Your Fitness Needs


A gym membership is an investment in your health and your future. Some companies tempt you with month-to-month specials while others try to leverage the value of signing up for a multi-year contract and “locking you in” at a set price. Whatever contract term you choose, making sure you are getting your money’s worth is critical, especially in today’s financial environment.

What “red flags” should you be on the lookout for? Have new policies been enacted where there is now a fee for taking group classes or using child care? As you walk around the gym, look at the facility. While any of these can be a one-time occurrence, you should be concerned if you see one happening repeatedly, or if you notice that several are present in your gym. These could easily derail your efforts when training to achieve your fitness goals.

Red Flags To Look For When Choosing a New Gym:

  • Weight stack accessories such as the tricep bar or pulley handles are often “missing” and hard to find.
  • Floors are dirty in the morning.
  • Locker rooms are dirty and smelly; covering the odor with an air freshener is no better.
  • Paper towel dispensers are broken or often empty.
  • Gym doesn’t provide disinfectant sprays to wipe down equipment.
  • Gym doesn’t offer hand sanitizer.
  • how-to-find-new-gymWeight stacks, benches, or other equipment are dirty or dusty.
  • Front desk is regularly not attended when you enter the gym.
  • Attendants don’t wear clothes with their company logo.
  • Attendants are too busy talking to each other to acknowledge you when you walk in.
  • Attendants are sitting on the counter behind the front desk with their feet up.
  • Vending machines that are always partially empty or completely empty.
  • Vending machines that offer candy or chips.
  • Gym regularly smells of McDonald’s or some other fast food when you enter.
  • Shower stalls, toilets, or sinks are dirty or obviously not cleaned regularly .
  • Equipment often has “out of service” signs on them, and they are not repaired for days or weeks at a time. This includes the pool and sauna.
  • Lockers are in need of repair.
  • The temperature in the gym is incredibly cold or hot .
  • The front doors are often propped open in summer or winter.
  • There aren’t enough pieces of cardio equipment or free weights for everyone to use during high traffic times.
  • Trainers are hiding weights for their clients.
  • Free weights are constantly strewn across the floor and on benches.
  • Gym rules are not being enforced.
  • Gym doesn’t open on time or closes early.
  • Attendants put a lot of pressure on you to renew your membership or sign up with the personal trainers on site.

Your money and your health are valuable. Don’t settle for just anything!

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