Motivation is Key – Ways To Stay Motivated on a Fitness Plan


It is very important to keep yourself motivated. Motivation will make you want to workout. It makes you pumped and it makes your workouts fun. If you’re not motivated, then your workouts will seem dreadful and very draining. It will be very hard to get yourself to go on that run or go to the gym if you have no motivation. So, how do you get motivated? There are many different ways to do this. Buying new workout clothes is a good motivator. You’ll want to workout in those cool new clothes you bought, so you’ll probably get the urge to go to the gym or go run. When I buy new clothes I cant wait to just put them on and go run! They make me want to just stay in the gym all day and show them off! Another motivator is music. This one is an amazing motivator. For me, this one is by far the most effective. Once I hear a good song I get SO pumped up to workout. Good songs keep me pumped when I’m going on a boring run. They make the runs fun and I actually enjoy them when I’m listening to songs that are pumping me up (or motivating me). The music keeps me going. Good music that motivates you will definitely push you to the next level.

motivation-is-key-fitnessAnother way to stay motivated is to eat a healthy diet. When you eat good, you feel good and the same thing happens for unhealthy eating. When you eat bad, you feel bad and if you feel bad you wont have any motivation and you wont want to exercise. You need motivation to workout, especially if you’re running. It’s a MUST have. So this is why eating healthy is very important for motivation. I know that when I eat something fattening, all i want to do is sit on the couch and do nothing. But when i have a good day and eat healthy, it makes me want to look even better and go for a run or do some kind of “feel good” exercise.

Another thing you can do is print out a picture of someone with a great body that you would want to have. That will motivate you to keep going until you look like that person in the picture. You should always set little goals for yourself because when you complete the little goals, it enables you to complete big ones. Completing small goals leaves you with feelings of accomplishment. Feelings of accomplishment can go a long way. It will certainly keep you motivated to keep setting more goals because now you are confident that you’ll complete the goals that you set. You know you can do it because you have done it already and that will keep you going. You know that you are able to complete any goals that you set, as long as you put your mind to it. If you could complete a little goal, you can certainly complete a big one!

When you complete little goals, you’re actually on the road to completing a big one without even realizing it. That’s how it works. For example, if you wanted to lose 70 pounds, you don’t just lose it in one day. That’s just not how it works. Things like that take time. The way to do it is to complete little goals such as finishing a mile for the first time or being able to run 2 miles then 3 miles then 4 and once you know it, you lost all the weight and all those little goals that you completed lead you to completing this BIG goal. So basically a big goal is a bunch of little goals completed. That’s how it worked for me at least. I lost 65 pounds by motivating myself with all of the examples I gave in this article. And I set all those little goals for myself and before I knew it, I completed my life long goal of losing all my weight. Now I’m more happy than I ever was. It is possible so don’t ever think that it’s not. Once you feel its possible, that’s the open door. That’s the time to start setting those little goals.

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