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Are you always on a business trip and find yourself inside a hotel room with no time to find a gym in the area? Here is a great overall body workout you can do with elastic exercise bands! They are portable, easy-to-use and are very effective for toning the hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, chest, back and abs. Exercise bands are an ideal solution for the home, the office or while you’re traveling. Click on the exercise photos below to see a video of each exercise so you learn how to properly perform the movements.

Circuit Training Workout Routine
Your goal is to do 3 full rotations of this circuit training routine below. Do 15-20 repetitions of each exercise and then immediately move from one exercise to the next. After you have completed the full rotation (10 exercises), rest for 3-5 minutes and then start the cycle again. Shoot for 4-5 total sets of this routine and really try to push yourself so you can get a great workout!

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Finding adequate time to visit the gym for some individuals is not easy, especially for people whose careers requires them to travel a lot and work long hours. However, these hindrances should not prevent you from getting an effective workout. Regular physical activity has more benefits than you may know. Despite the fact that it prolongs your life and boosts your energy levels, regular exercise will also greatly improve your mood and sex life. With exercise resistance bands, you do not have to visit a gym in order to achieve an effective full body workout. Resistance bands have been in use for decades and are highly recommended by certified personal trainers because of the great results they produce when it comes to toning the entire body.

5 Benefits of Using Elastic Exercise Bands

#1. Inexpensive
Resistance bands are really cheap, considering that you will use them as the main equipment for your workout. They can be found at any fitness store at a price around $10-$15. This means it will cost you very little to get a great workout in your own home or while you’re traveling.

#2. Portability
Elastic exercise bands are light and small enough to pack in a suitcase or bag so you can exercise wherever you go. This means that you will never have a reason to miss your workout!

#3. Requires Very Little Space
Resistance bands require virtually no space for storage. In fact, they can be stored in any drawer after use. Furthermore, workouts using elastic bands do not require a large space to perform the exercises. This means that they can be used at home or in a hotel room very easily.

#4. Easy and Safe to Use Alone
Unlike the use of heavy weights, elastic exercise bands do not require you to have an exercise partner or spotter in order to get an effective and safe workout. Weights are usually really heavy therefore posing a risk of injury when you use them alone during a workout. Using elastic exercise bands makes it possible for you to have an effective workout alone while eliminating the risk of injury.

#5. Effective Whole Body Exercise
Elastic exercise bands, when used appropriately, challenges all of the major muscle groups of the body. Even those muscles that can easily be missed by the use of weights can be targeted with the use of elastic exercise bands. This is simply because resistance band workouts involve a full range of motion which can be limited when you’re using machines or free weights.

There are so many benefits of using elastic exercise bands in your overall workout routine. Below is another great elastic band exercise that you can incorporate in your exercise routine to stimulate your upper body.

Band Resisted Push Ups
This is where you will use the resistance bands to resist your push ups. Wrap the exercise band around your upper back and then hold onto the handles and get into push up position on the ground. You will feel the tension in the band as you begin the exercise. Go slow and start doing push ups and you will feel how much more difficult it is than doing regular bodyweight push ups. Try performing as many reps as you can and shoot for 3-5 sets of this exercise. The resistance created by the elastic bands increases the intensity of your push ups making them more effective. This exercise builds and strengthens the upper body, specifically the triceps, chest and shoulders.

Performing exercises with elastic bands has proven to effectively target most major muscle groups in the body. The bands are also much easier on the joints when compared to heavier free weights and machines. This helps you tone and define your muscles while increasing your flexibility with a full range of motion. You should definitely give elastic band exercises a try and see how they help you!


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