Top 15 Reasons To Start an Exercise Program Today


“I will start exercising next week and this time I’m serious!” Do you ever tell yourself this? Deep down inside, you know that you probably won’t and that’s a shame. You need to realize how important exercise is for you and that it’s not just about losing weight. Here are top 15 reasons why you should start an exercise program today!

#1. Stress management. Normal daily life brings with it added stress for most of us. Work, family, shopping, cooking, errands, appointments – it’s enough to frazzle anyone. Exercise is absolutely the best tool for dealing with added stress. You can always find the time, if you really want it. Write it in on your daily planner and make no excuses. Even if you don’t have time for your regular workout, that doesn’t mean you can’t workout at all. If you have to, make your training session shorter but get some exercise time in. When you make exercise a priority and a part of your daily routine, you will find that it’s much easier to deal with the extra stress of your life. Plus, it’s always a good excuse to get out of the house and have some alone time!

#2. Workout during lunch. Even if you only have an hour for lunch, get some exercise in. The good news is that there will be fewer people in the gym during the lunch hours so you can get it done quickly. For someone new to working out, fewer people can make it less intimidating. When there are fewer people in the gym, it also means easier access to the equipment and machines which means you can get through with your workout much faster. Bring a protein shake with you and have a quick nutrient packed meal post-workout.

#3. Make new friends. It’s great to be around like-minded people so when you join a gym there is an opportunity to meet interesting individuals who you might want to do fun things with outside the gym like taking part in an obstacle course race (Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash) and other exciting adventures.

#4. Your health will improve: Overall health improvement is a very obvious benefit since regular physical activity will lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure along with helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Working out also helps prevent health issues by reducing inflammation, increasing hormone levels and improving insulin resistance.

reasons-start-exercise-program-lift-weights#5. You will look better: A lot of people start an exercise program because it will make them look good and let’s face it, it’s a big motivator to look better naked! Committing to a workout program will help you attain a leaner and more muscular physique which is satisfying to both you and your spouse or partner. It will also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

#6. It’ll improve your brain power. Besides the fact that your brain will get more energy and oxygen, exercise will help you improve your ability to coordinate and focus and it will boost your memory as well.

#7. You will sleep better. Although exercising closely to bedtime will have the opposite effect, regular workouts during the day will help you get better sleep according to the National Sleep Foundation.

#8. Do it for the sake of your family and friends. People around you love you and care about your health and happiness so commit to an exercise program so you can have a long and healthy life with them.

#9. You will get sick less often. According to a recent study, regular exercise reduces your chances of getting sick. We all know that getting the flu is not fun so exercising will help combat this.

#10. You will be able to eat more. If you perform regular weight training you will probably gain lean muscle mass which will increase your metabolism and overall calorie requirements each day. Approximately 1 pound of muscle burns 6-10 calories at rest, so if you can pack on 10 pounds of lean muscle then you will be burning off an extra 60-100 calories without even doing anything extra.

#11. You will have more energy. Performing regular exercise will help you feel more energized throughout the day which will help you focus on work projects and get through normal daily tasks much easier.

#12. Helps you live longer. Studies have shown that regular exercise improves life expectancy as much as quitting smoking. So, get your butt off the couch and get moving!

#13. Enjoy the great outdoors. It’s always nice to get outside and enjoy the weather while you go for a nice walk, jog or run around your neighborhood. When you’re outside you might even run into other people who are working out and make new friends.

#14. Get more things accomplished. When you follow an exercise routine and start losing weight and getting fit, you will have more energy to do other things. Whether it’s working outside to finish a project in the backyard or doing normal chores around the house, having a lean and fit physique helps you just want to get more things done in your day!

#15. You will be happier. Exercise and happiness have a direct relationship, Studies show that regular exercise has the same effect that certain recreational drugs have on your brain (endorphin levels in the blood rose with exercise)! Working out can produce feelings of euphoria and pleasure which can help with depression. A study at the University of Bristol found that a person’s mood improved significantly on the days they exercised. So what are you waiting for? Try to make exercise a daily habit and find a way to fit a workout program into your daily routine. It’s never too late so why not start today and change your life!

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