Skinny Guys Workout Advice – 5 Steps To Build More Muscle


If you’re a skinny guy then you need to listen up. Its time to build a ripped muscular body that may be a dream that you have had since you were a kid. This dream that never actually goes away, no matter how many times you look in the same mirror and see your pencil arms looking back! What if I told you there were only 5 basic things to building a ripped muscular body and you are probably doing at least a couple of them wrong right now!

Well you would probably ask me what those 5 things are, am I right? I am going to share these with you below but you have to promise me one thing. You need to actually really put some real hardcore effort into doing this. I can share all the secrets in the world with you, but if you don’t put the effort in, the results will lack. So here they are the 5 things you need to focus on for building a huge muscular physique.

Step #1 – Compound exercises are essential in your quest for a ripped and powerful body. You have to get this right before you can ever think of building real muscle. There are basically 7 different moves that you are going to have to fall in love with. You don’t have a real choice on these moves. They are classics because they work. Now, these movements all have multiple variations so please feel free to mix it up, but you have to focus on these movements to really build solid muscle.

The key exercises that I am going to share with you are; squats and deadlifts for lower body and bench press, over head press, dips, chinups and rows for your upper body. Just like I said, there are plenty of different variations on all these exercises so please do mix up your grips, stances etc.

Step #2 – 10 Rep Max. If you are doing more than 10 reps you are not using a heavy enough weight. If you are really wanting to build muscle you need to stimulate your muscle fibers and to do this you need to make sure you are maxing out between 6-10 reps per set. Which brings us to our next major point.

Step #3 – Short and intense workouts. No longer do you need to be putting in two hours at the gym. You don’t need to be doing 15 sets of bench press. I know this sounds a little counterintuitive but if you are doing this many sets of something, chances are you’re overtraining and stunting your muscle development.

Step #4 – Keep putting on more plates. You should never ever stop getting stronger. You need to constantly be pushing yourself. As a rule of thumb, every two weeks try increasing 5% of the weight. Now be safe with this, since I see a bunch of people everyday at the gym trying to lift too much and sacrificing good form. This never works to your advantage. Don’t worry about where you start, just make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and keep adding more weight as you go.

Step #5 – Your kitchen is your new best friend. You need to be eating healthy quality foods 6 times a day. Eat smaller meals but eat more often. Ensure that these are high quality proteins, carbs and fats that are going to help your body. No joke, nutrition is more than half the battle in your case. Make sure you drink a high quality protein shake immediately after your workout as well, since you will never find a better time to feed your muscles.

Following these instructions above will really get you on your way from being a skinny guy to being a former skinny guy. A guy who packs on 40 pounds or more of ripped muscle. This extra muscle will make you look huge and much stronger than the majority of the people out there. It will also make you the person that others look up to at the gym.

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