Starting a Running Program – 2 Steps for Overweight People


Starting a running program is no easy task and this is especially true if you’re overweight. In fact most overweight people dread the notion of running and regard it as a form of physical torture. Nevertheless, running is one of the best exercises which can help you lose weight and get into a better shape without purchasing costly training equipment or paying gym fees.

As a result, I’m going to teach how to go from being a couch potato to being a runner in just 2 steps. Of course, running is hard. I won’t say that it’ll be easy. But it won’t kill you (unless you’re already dying). What may actually kill you is the extra pounds you’ve been piling on for so long. Running can help you get rid of that load for good.

First Step : Build The Belief
The number one reason why overweight people shy away from running isn’t the lack of physical skill, it’s in fact the lack of belief. Beliefs determine what we can and can’t do in life. If you believe something to be achievable, then you’ll find it much more easier to get the job done, and vice versa. Therefore, if you have a limiting belief about your running potential, guess where that will take you.

As a result, shifting your beliefs in the right direction is mandatory. One way you can do this by using visualization techniques. Creative visualization can help you build the needed mindset for regular running and exercising. Not only that, this powerful tool can also help you attract success and prosperity in all walks of life. It’s a power that can alter your circumstances and environment.

Therefore, make sure to have the right images in your head whenever you’re planning on a workout. The best way to visualize is to see yourself in your mind’s eye AS IF you’ve ALREADY achieved the desired results. Imagine yourself reaching your full potential as a runner and enjoying your ideal body weight. This tricks the brain to believe what you want it to believe, regardless if it is true or just a mere fantasy. The brain doesn’t differ between the two anyway.

Second Step : Build The Intensity Up Gradually
Most newcomers to the sport of running get injured for one main reason : Doing too much too soon . That’s it. Therefore, if you want to stay injury free while getting the most out of your running program, you need to start off slowly and build the intensity up gradually. And the best way you could do that is by opting for the Walk-Run-Walk (W-R-W) program.

By following this simple program, you can increase your cardiovascular power and boost your fitness level without running the risk of injury or burnout. Not only that, a W-R-W program can help you burn fat, lose weight and most importantly, it will get you in the habit of exercising.

The W-R-W program is composed of two segments : you walk for a given time, you run, then you take a walking break afterwards, and so on. The emphasis in on time, not distance. The duration of each interval depends on your current fitness level. As a general guideline, beginners should start with a 5-minute walk, run for 30-45 seconds, then walk for one full minute to allow for recovery.

Each session should take about 20 or 30 minutes, three times per week. The 3 times per week is highly recommended by countless studies on health and fitness. In addition, be sure to space out these training days to give yourself a chance to rest and recover from the training load. As the training progresses forward, make sure to lengthen the running and shorten up the walking until you’re able to run straight for 30 minutes without much huffing and puffing.

There you have it. However, real change takes place when you start putting into action what you’ve just learned. So take action now and remember to stay within your fitness level.

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