Starting an Exercise Program – A Simple Plan To Get Started


OK, it’s time for a change. Things have gone too far, and this is the time to start exercising. Here’s a simple, but surprisingly effective plan to get you started. Keep that fire burning in your belly, because you’ll need it!

What’s Your Reason?
Look at your reason for making this change. This might not always be the one that comes to your mind first! Losing weight is a good idea, but what does that really mean to you? Does it mean liking yourself and your body, which you haven’t felt for a long time? Or, is it feeling good about going to the beach and being in public? Or, maybe you want to get back into shape so you can play with your kids? Or, maybe you want to feel more energetic like when you were younger?

Really try to look at your reasons. I’ve met a number of very fit, muscular people and (upon talking to them) found out that they grew up fat and out-of-shape, which was the catalyst for them to center their lives around being healthy and working out. Find the reason that makes your blood boil. That reason will get you out of bed early each morning.

Try It For Just 30 Days
Once you’ve decided what you want to do, and why you’re doing it, try it for just 30 days. Why just 30 days? 30 days, at least for me, is enough time to change a habit and find out if I actually like the change. It’s enough time to actually figure out if it’s something I want to permanently add to my schedule. Or, whether it’s not worth it.

Also, 30 days is doable for everybody. Yes, everybody. A lifetime, or the entire next year might be hard to stick to, but just 30 days is not too difficult. It’s not intimidating and it will give you a feel for your new workout routine. So, resolve to try it for just 30 days.

Plan, Plan, and Plan!
What days will you be working out? Do you need to make plans for someone to watch your kids while you workout? If you’re going to lose weight, what method will you use? If you’re counting calories, do you have a gram scale to use? Is it conveniently located in your kitchen?

I have no idea what your specific fitness goals are for your 30-day plan. But you must think and plan to figure out each action step you will do to achieve them.

Make sure you have workout clothes that fit, time to workout, etc. If you’re going to be eating healthy, throw out all your junk food. Yes, it’s still edible, but toss it. You can take it to a charity if you’re feeling virtuous but remove it from your home so you don’t eat it.

Also, plan exactly what you will do. That way, you will be able to do it and change your life into what you want.

Now, Work Hard
It’s simple, just follow your plan for 30 days. Your plan will evolve. Maybe a part of it doesn’t work out how you thought it would. That’s fine since you’re learning. Alter your plan, and keep going.

It’s not all or nothing for 30 days. If you fall off the wagon or break your pattern, fine. Acknowledge it, and get right back on schedule. Simply keep doing your very best.

Grow, Change, And Evolve
Once you’ve done your 30 days you’re done. The end. Yay! But if you liked the changes in your life, then keep them up. Your workout routine and eating habits will change as you get stronger, learn more, and figure out what works best for you. But you’re already on your own path for change. Keep going!

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Aaron McCloud has had a longstanding interest in exercise and fitness. When he was 13, he started practicing martial arts (Japanese swordsmanship and Aikido), which then grew into a passion for strength training and exercise in high school and college. See my profile page for more information!

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