Stop The Exercise Excuses – 16 Reasons To Get Off Your Butt


I started to write about the “Top Exercise Excuses” that I’ve heard from my clients over the years for not working out. Well, 5 excuses turned into 10, and then 10 ended up turning into 16. Yes, 16 different excuses for not exercising! Not sure why, but that’s the current count so far. These are listed in no particular order because when it comes down to it, excuses are like butts, everyone has one! Let’s get started!

Exercise Excuse #1 – I’ll Do It Tomorrow
Procrastination is not the answer for anything, whether it’s related to work, home, or health. Just start right now! Don’t wait until Monday because it is the beginning of the week. Don’t wait until Friday because you are having a difficult week. Don’t wait until New Year’s and call it a resolution. Make it a habit by starting today. Do it now. Literally, today!

Exercise Excuse #2 – I’m Too Tired and I Don’t Have Any Energy
Exercising actually gives you more energy by strengthening your cardiovascular system and releasing endorphins which make you feel good. Studies have shown that regular exercise helps a person sleep soundly, so you won’t have any restless nights and you will be more refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

Exercise Excuse #3 – I Travel Too Much
What a great opportunity for you to implement variety into your workouts and prevent boredom! There are a number of body weight exercises you can do without having access to a gym. Or, if you are staying in a hotel that has a fitness center, try something new. Instead of the treadmill, go on the elliptical machine or a recumbent bike. If you usually workout with weight machines, pick up some dumbbells and get going.

Exercise Excuse #4 – I Always Lose Motivation and I Hate Exercise
This could be the result of many things like being bored with the same routine, lacking a real challenge, not having any fun, not knowing anyone in the gym or simply not being able to follow a workout program. There are many ways to overcome this like scheduling a session with a personal trainer so you can get professional help, trying different machines or exercises, going outside for a bike ride, walk or a run. You can also try out different group classes until you find one that is fun, and while you’re doing it, you’ll make friends. Once you find the exercises you enjoy, you’ll be much more likely to make it a habit.

Exercise Excuse #5 – I’m Too Old
You are never too old to start exercising! Studies have shown that exercise helps with the daily activities of life. It helps to improve cognitive function and it increases mobility and independence. Some certified personal trainers specialize in working with older adults, and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) has entered into an agreement with the American Council on Exercise to make it easier to find certified trainers in your local area.

Exercise Excuse #6 – I Like To Exercise Outside But It’s Always Bad Weather
If you really think you are going to melt, or if it is actually dangerous, then buy a bike or a treadmill (if buying new is too pricey, consider buying a used one on Craig’s List). Or, go to a mall and walk through it (leave your wallet at home so you aren’t tempted to buy anything). You can also pickup some workout DVDs for different ideas for cardiovascular exercise.

Exercise Excuse #7 – I’m Too Embarrassed To Try
The first time any of us try a new activity, especially exercising, it can be very intimidating. Ask a personal trainer to show you the proper form and technique for specific exercises, or go to the gym with a friend who is knowledgeable and get help from them so you can get the basics down.

Exercise Excuse #8 – I Don’t Need To Lose Any Weight
Being thin doesn’t mean you are healthy. Strength training and cardiovascular exercise have been proven to increase your overall health by reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, lowering high blood pressure, reducing LDL cholesterol levels, and providing many other health benefits.

Exercise Excuse #9 – It Hurts When I Exercise
Then you are probably doing something wrong! Exercise should not hurt, period. You may become sore, but the old saying, “no pain, no gain”, is a myth. Ask a professional to set up a fitness program for you and they can also ensure you are using proper form when training.

Exercise Excuse #10 – I’m Don’t Know How To Use The Machines
Schedule an appointment with a certified personal trainer. Most gyms provide a consultation session completely free of charge, so take advantage of it. Explain what you are looking for and you will find it to be a great way to learn the basics. If you want to hire the trainer for more sessions, it will be a solid investment with a high rate of return.

Exercise Excuse #11 – I Just Had a Baby
Congratulations! Now, go for a walk (or a run) with the stroller. Or, follow an exercise DVD while your baby is napping. With a physician’s approval, you can usually start, or return, to exercise pretty quickly after having a baby.

Exercise Excuse #12 – I Don’t Have Access To a Gym
A gym membership is not necessary in order to exercise. You can walk, run, bike, or perform bodyweight exercises virtually anywhere without the need for expensive memberships or bulky machines.

Exercise Excuse #13 – I Never See Any Results
What were your goals? Was your program designed to meet your specific fitness and health goals or was it a generic “one-size-fits-all” program? How long did you follow the program? The answers to these questions are very important for finding out why you may not have seen the results you hoped for with a previous fitness program.

Exercise Excuse #14 – I Don’t Want To Workout Alone
Try a group class! There are usually many to choose from for different fitness levels and intensities, such as kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, spinning, Body Pump, and many others. Or, ask for a free daily pass at your gym and bring a family member or friend with you to workout. You’ll soon meet lots of people and build new friendships.

Exercise Excuse #15 – I’m Super Tired After My Workout
What time do you exercise and what do you eat before your workout? How much sleep do you get each night? Are you overdoing it? Are you factoring in a recovery day? These are just a few of the reasons you might feel tired so answer these questions and work on making the necessary changes to achieve optimal performance.

Exercise Excuse #16 – I’m Young and Healthy So I Don’t Need To Exercise
By being active with regular exercise, you will help strengthen your bones and muscles, increase your metabolism, and keep your full range of motion. Functionally, you will be able to perform daily activities with less issues. You will also create healthy habits for you to continue to follow as you get older.

Well, that’s it! I hope these top 16 exercise excuses have opened your eyes up to the vast amount of reasons why many people either never get started exercising or skip a workout.

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