Taking Body Measurements To Help Manage Fitness Progress


Measurements and having the right foods in your home will put you at a much better chance of achieving your goals. I can tell you that not being prepared is going to hurt in the worst way. The effect will be night and day. If you follow these steps you will have a completely different feeling after 30 days. At the core of most goals there is a feeling that you’re after; maybe a mile stone you want to accomplish.

Taking Measurements
Let’s start by talking about your measurements. It’s kind of like how to manage your bank account. You will always know how much money is in there. If not, it’s still a major concern in your life. It’s a measuring tool. Same goes here. You want to be able to get an exact measurement. Take for example, measuring your quads. Start at the middle of the knee cap, then go up 7 or 8 inches. Then measure around. Write that down. That will leave you feeling confident about where you measured the last time.

Just assume your pants got a little looser and avoid telling your friends that you lost 15 inches all over. This motivation will keep you working out. Build confidence in a way that will make you a believer. Give clarity to why you’re still working out. Even the best athletes need a reminder of why they’re the best. When numbers are involved there is little guessing at that point. The 80/20 principle works well here; 80% of the people who measure will reach their goal and only 20% of people who don’t measure will reach their goal.

From a professional trainer standpoint, I will not train or be held accountable for someone’s success without their measurements. It’s something very simple but forgotten almost every time. I even forget to manage them from time to time. You just have to be for self accountability. 2 to 4 week cycle of measurements will help you adjust your nutrition and work out. In that time it will show if you have found the right program. Keep in mind your body is at least 3 days behind what you have eaten today. So, even more for the right adjustment to show up on your body.

Understanding that step will help you keep going. The time frame of each measurement is also important. You may say your neck is losing and your calves but not your stomach or problem area. What I can tell you for a fact is to keep going and see what happens. It may take another month to see movement in all areas. Some areas even may slow down. Where you lose the most one time may not be where you lose the most next time. If you’re seeing a result then keep going. I would be concerned if you are doing a lot of cardio and you’re only losing in your leg area. That would be concern for just losing muscle.

Running into the abyss is something I choose not to do. I use those kinds of actions on creating new workouts. I want to know what I am doing is paying off in a big way. You will find this is a very common mistake with almost everyone. It’s very easy to change. Then you may even want to help others get their measurements done so they can see their success also.

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