Tips for Finding a Personal Trainer To Help You Get Fit


At first glance walking into your local health club can be very intimidating if you’re not familiar with the whole atmosphere. Many members sign up with friends or family but never get the fullest out of their membership due to the lack of knowledge for how each piece of equipment works. The simplest resource to get the best workout routine and a through understanding of how your specific body type works is by hiring a person trainer.

The single most important factor is obtaining one that’s certified. Remember that certifications vary greatly so inquire what specifically your trainer has theirs in. Someone with a goal of adding bulk muscle wouldn’t hire a trainer certified in instructing spinning classes. Typically trainers have an id card that identifies what area they specialize in and it also indicates when their certification expires. Some trainers even hold multiple certifications in exercise and nutrition to provide the full package to their clients.

Are they like-able? This isn’t comparable to purchasing a vehicle where you may only see this person a handful of times, this is someone you want to not just get along with, but someone who you trust and feel encouraged by. Some clients want a trainer that’s going to push them one that is strict and others want a trainer that is upbeat, positive and friendly. Depending on your needs, make sure to speak with your potential trainer feel free to ask questions, have them take you on a tour of the facility and get to know them better.

Availability-this is a big one. Just as clients goals are different so are their personal schedules. Do not sign up for a trainer without inquiring what days and times of the week they are available. Some trainers only work early mornings or just evenings, so be certain to get that information up front.

Since fees are usually preset in most facilities get the facts on exactly what it is your purchasing. For example, if your trainer puts you on a treadmill for twenty minutes, what are they doing while you’re running? Some trainers will be right next to you motivating you or talking to you and others will even get on a treadmill next to you and run along side of you. If your trainer is setting up a nutritional plan for you as well, is it foods that you will eat, will you stay on track with the plan they provided for you? Just because a trainer may have the highest fee schedule in your gym, doesn’t exactly equate that they are in fact the best trainer. I even advise people to take ten minutes and write down what your fitness goals are and how your meal schedule has to be setup, due to your work hours. Be sure to include any food allergies and give take that information with you when shopping for the perfect trainer. Fees will be dependent upon the trainer and the facility, the majority of trainers charge less per session the more sessions you purchase.

Be honest with your trainer and set reasonable goals. If you lack in telling them you are diabetic or have a heart condition, you are jeopardizing your own health and safety. Find out the specifics of the facilities return policy if any at all. Life happens, things come up and you could have to relocate for work or have a sick child at home but you’ve purchased 10 sessions and cannot get your funds back so ask before you buy. The same thing can occur with your trainer so find out if they have a replacement in the event that happens.

The personal training business thrives on referrals and they must sell themselves. It is your right as the consumer to ask the questions and they should be happy to oblige you. If you still have doubts ask around at the gym, ask other members and the person working the front desk (believe me, they know if that trainer is on time for his/her clients and what their personality is like). The relationship between is client and trainer is one built of trust and encouragement and the results are well worth it when you find the perfect one.

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