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Running is the most convenient of all sports, you can do it almost anywhere, anytime. All you need is a couple of decent running shoes and off you go. However, safety and outside conditions such as the weather, can make running outside really difficult. As a result, you need a treadmill machine when outside conditions aren’t as you wish. The treadmill can keep your running training on the go, regardless of the environment around. Therefore, if you’re looking to incorporate treadmill running into your training program, below is a treadmill interval workout that can help you burn off 500 calories or even more without running the risk of injury or burnout.

Treadmill Interval Workouts
Interval training is the best way to burn off colossal amounts of calories in the shortest time possible. This type of training involves alternating between a high intensity running interval (for burning more calories) and a low intensity interval (for recovery). Not only that, this type of training can tone your body, build muscle mass and boost your metabolism levels through the roof, and thus you’ll be burning off more calories even when being sedentary.

In addition, if you want to build your endurance and boost running speed, interval training is the ideal training strategy. By constantly challenging yourself and varying your running pace, your body learns how to efficiently clear and/or metabolize lactic acid, thus you will increase your capability to run further and faster without fatigue.

30 Minute Treadmill Workout
Here is a typical treadmill interval workout for maximum weight loss result:

  • treadmill-interval-workoutFirst 5 minutes: Start off with a decent warm-up. This will get your body ready to properly handle the training load afterwards. Skipping on the warm-up will only leave you prematurely fatigued or even worse, injured.
  • Minutes 5-10: Increase your running intensity gradually. Through the upcoming 10 minutes, begin with a moderate pace of 6 to 8 mph with a 1% incline (according to your current fitness level). Repeat the cycle three or four times and allow for one full minute or less for recovery between each set. Make sure that you’re not exhausting yourself during the first round.
  • Minutes 15-17: Gradually reduce your pace back to a comfortable run (or walk) for recovery and rejuvenation. Otherwise it’s impossible to keep with the same pace for the rest of the workout. Hydrate and breathe deeply.
  • Minutes 17-27: Now comes the more intense round. During the upcoming 10 minutes, make sure to push yourself to the limit. Increase your running speed to your max. For instance, you could run at 12 mph for 30 seconds to one minute (hands off!). Raise the incline up to 2% or more. Do 3 high intensity rounds with less recovery.
  • Minute 27-33: Gradually decrease your running speed and intensity. Don’t stop on the spot. The proper cool-down is mandatory. Therefore, reduce your running into an effortless jog and bring down your heart rate and breathing back to their normal levels. Stretch afterwards.

This program is just to give a clear guideline on how to proceed on a treadmill. Don’t feel the need to follow it verbatim. Nothing is written in stone. As always, feel free to adjust the intensity according to your current fitness level and goals. For instance, if the intensity is too easy or too hard, just adjust the speed to accommodate your level. No suit fits all. Find what works best for you and build on that.

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