Types of Strength Training – Effective and Ineffective Training


There are two types of strength training, effective and ineffective. What do I mean by effective? You must be progressive. Strength training takes many forms. There are machines, free weights, bands, cables, isometric, calisthenics, manual resistance and the list goes on and on. Though, NONE of these types of strength training mean squat without pushing your body harder each and every time you work out. Then and only then will it be effective.

What is Ineffective?
Ineffective training is having the perception that “Just because you are doing it” moves you closer to being in better shape. This is like driving a car without your lights on. You must know where you’re going.

I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before, but it bears repeating. Your body will eventually adapt to any strength training program that you do. The only way for it to change, is to challenge it by doing something more or trying something new. This simple technique has helped me transform hundreds of my client’s bodies for new ones. Yet for so many people, this is often overlooked and is the reason why they constantly struggle.

I see them at the gym time and time again doing the SAME old routine month after month after month. And guess what? Their body still looks the same as it did months ago. I mean everyone hates to exercise. That is a known fact. But what the h*ll is the point in doing it, if you aren’t going to do it the right way. Obviously, you’re just spinning your wheels and wasting time.

Some people go to the gym just to feel better and I can totally respect that. But why not take it a step further. Don’t you WANT to look good too? Think how much happier you’ll be when you start achieving results because you realize that your strength training isn’t working and you finally start to make changes.

These Changes are Simple
The next time you strength train, either do more reps, sets or weight then you have done previously. I’m not going to sit here and tell you how many sets or reps or how much weight you should do. That’s not the point.

The point is, that in order for your strength training to be as effective as it can possibly be, you MUST be doing something different, but whether it’s 10 to 100 reps, 3-5 sets, or 25 – 500 pounds is irrelevant.

Once you have progressively continued to do more each and every time you strength train, you then change your routine all over again. For example, if you start with machines, change to free weights and change again and again. It’s that easy!

Now, if you are already doing this, that’s great! You are way ahead of the game and I’m preaching to the choir. If not, you should definitely start implementing it and start achieving the tone, sculpted and lean look you know you deserve. That’s what you should do. Good luck!

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