Walk Yourself Fit – Walking is an Excellent Way To Lose Weight


When a person is interested in losing weight and getting fit one of the biggest obstacles to get over is the idea that they do not know where to begin. There is so much information that is available and much of it is contradictory to each other. Added to that, many people feel they are too far gone to start a fitness routine and their weight loss goals seem extremely daunting.

There is one thing that a beginner can do that takes very little time, money, and does not require much information. That is to begin walking. It is one of the easiest and most effective forms of exercise. The only required items are comfortable clothing, a good pair of shoes, water bottle, and the drive to achieve one’s fitness goals.

Another reason walking is an excellent way for someone to begin a new life centered around fitness is that it will help to develop a healthy habit. As most know, one of the most difficult things to do is to develop a habit and to not allow minor obstacles to get in the way. A person can use walking as a way to train themselves to get into a fitness routine. When a person gets into a routine and develops the appreciation for it, the harder it will be to give it up. It will offer them a break from their day and allow them to focus on themselves for a little while. This will prove beneficial later on as a person progresses into more vigorous forms of fitness which will accelerate the time to achieve their goals.

Walking for fitness is also beneficial for a beginner because it is relatively low impact. Many beginners tend to jump into fitness head first. They join a gym and the first day is just as intense as if they were long time gym goers. Then they are extremely sore for the next few days. For a couple of weeks, they keep it up but continue being constantly sore. If a person has not developed a love for fitness, this can breed discouragement. For some, the soreness is just not worth it as it is hard for them to see beyond the temporary discomfort.

Walking can easily allow a person to baseline their performance and will give them a visual means to see their progress. Perhaps their walking will start as a basic walk around the block, or begin at 1 or 2 miles a day using this as a baseline. As a person begins to build their endurance, they will see with their own eyes that they are going further and further. In time they may add additional time or distance to their walking routine. They may then have timed goals. Perhaps they only have 30 minutes to exercise in their schedule. This time constraint can be used to see a person’s improvement by seeing how far one can go in a certain amount of time. Gradually, the distance goal can be increased.

Walking gets you outdoors. Most of us are inside most of the day. We breathe recirculated air and have fake lighting. Walking will give us a chance to get some fresh air and enjoy being outside. One can find additional places to add variety by going for a nice walk in a park or a waterfront area.

When a person has progressed to where they want to go beyond walking, it is easy to incorporate various forms of exercise along with walking. One can develop a circuit of bodyweight exercises to do at various timed intervals to develop strength, power, speed, and accelerate weight loss. For example, one can walk for 2-3 minutes then do a set of 10 bodyweight squats, back to walking for 2-3 minutes and then do 10 pushups. You may have to work up to that by starting at wall pushups but it is the same principle. When a person begins to ad in strength training or interval training into their walking routine, it will be more enjoyable and will take their fitness to a new level.

Walking can be a very valuable tool in a beginner’s arsenal toward achieving fitness. One will realize that to feel better and have fitness as a part of one’s life, it does not take much time nor does it have to hurt. Try walking if you want to get started on achieving a better body!

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In 2009, I moved to Thailand. Because powerlifting is not popular there and gym memberships can be expensive, I have adapted my workouts to suit the area. I had to get creative. I have looked into bodyweight exercises, and barrel lifting. See my profile page for more information!

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