Can You Help Me with My Man Boobs?


question-icon-newPlease help me with issues with my man boobs. It seems like whatever exercises and workouts I do, I just can’t seem to decrease the fatty tissue in my chest. I currently do incline dumbbell press, incline dumbbell flyes, flat bench dumbbell press, dumbbell extensions, squats and deadlifts 3 times a week. On alternate days, I do 25 to 30 minutes of HIIT cardio on the stationery bike and I also train my abs with 4 or 5 exercises every day. For each exercise, I do 8-12 reps of 3 sets. I try to eat very little fat in my diet as possible. I can see the muscles in my upper chest but my fat man boobs are still there. There is also still some fat in my lower abs. I’ve been exercising for about 13 months.

answer-icon-newA man who has enlarged breast tissue and “man boobs” often deals with a lot of embarrassment due to this cosmetic issue. This is especially true for younger boys who will often get teased and bullied because of it. Enlarged breasts in men is often associated with puberty due to the fluctuations of hormones that normally occur during this period. There are different causes of enlarged breasts in men, but some of the well-known causes include a decreasing level of testosterone in men as well as an increase in the female hormone estrogen which results in the build up of fatty breast tissue around the nipple area in men. This is a condition called gynecomastia and its something that you should definitely get inspected by your physician.

If your doctor reviews your chest and does not diagnose you with gynecomastia, then it’s probably just a case of having too much body fat. To reduce the fatty area from your chest, you will need to focus on your diet and cardio to burn extra calories. When you lose weight, fat is reduced from all over your body (not just one spot like your chest). Along with cardio workouts and a strict diet, you can add “shaping” exercises like cable crossovers and cable flyes. Here are exercise demonstrations for you to follow to help tone and tighten up your chest:

Enlarged breasts in men may not only be painful but it can also cause major health issues in a man. The major complications that may result with having gynecomastia or “man boobs” include the fact that a man may develop tumors and possibly cancer involving the surrounding tissue (very similar to women).

If you do indeed have gynecomastia, then surgical removal of the excess fatty tissue will need to be performed. Breast reduction for men is a procedure that aims at correcting enlarged breasts in men. Having enlarged breasts is not only embarrassing but can cause major health issues. The procedure will definitely help reduce the amount of fatty tissue in the breast region. Before surgery is done to correct the condition, there are some factors that need to be considered. Keep in mind the following key factors that can be very crucial to the success of the procedure.

  • The surgery to correct this condition requires incisions on the breasts which may often lead to noticeable scars on the chest. One should have this fact in mind before going through with the procedure.
  • Sometimes enlarged breasts are often caused by weight gain or use of certain drugs like steroids. One should make sure to limit the use of drugs and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to have success with the surgery.
  • It is a well documented fact that people who smoke have a serious risk of complications, therefore one should quit smoking before having surgery.

During the procedure, various methods are often used to correct the condition. There are two common methods that are often used during the surgery. These include liposuction and excision. Liposuction involves inducing a special fluid in the breasts then inserting a small hollow pipe into the breasts. The surgeon then moves the hollow pipe back and forth to loosen excess fat which is then sucked out through a vacuum like device.

In excision, a surgeon removes the enlarged breast tissue through chest incisions. A tissue is often left after the surgery to avoid hollowing of the skin. If a man exposes himself to some of the factors that led to his enlarged breasts (steroid use), new fatty tissue may return to the chest area in the future.

Breast reduction for men is slowly being embraced as a means of solving the age-old problem of enlarged breasts in men. Breast reduction for men does have its side effects but considering the fact that one is given a chance to have his self-esteem back, it may be very worthwhile to have this procedure done.

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