How To Get Those Extra College Pounds Off?


question-icon-newI have from December 8th until January 24th off of school this year and would like to do something a little different. I am a really active and athletic girl. I love to bike and run, however, I would really like to get those extra college pounds off. Are you aware of a fitness program or camp that I could be involved in during these times? I would ideally like to be somewhere warm and do fun exercise activities. I read about the fitness models doing boxing, surfing and other fun things like that and I’d love to try these things as well. I have a very high energy level and love to workout but I really would like to get in tip-top shape like those ripped fitness models. I think it would be cool to go somewhere warm and fun to get me in the mood to lose all the extra weight. Do you know of any fitness bootcamps in tropical locations?

answer-icon-newThere are many fitness bootcamps available in beautiful and sunny Tampa, Florida where has its corporate headquarters. If you’re looking for something around the winter time, it’s a perfect place to come visit and enjoy incredible weather while working out hard to get into amazing shape. One of the best places to look for different bootcamps and fitness studios is in South Tampa. Fitness is a top priority in this area of Tampa and there are a large number of bootcamp options to choose from which include different training styles from CrossFit to more traditional workouts.

Even if you can’t get out and visit a warm tropical area like Tampa, you can still easily reach your goals of losing all the excess body fat that you packed on during college. The term “Freshman 15” is coined to refer to freshmen college students who tend to gain 15 pounds during their first year in college. There are various reasons why this weight gain happens. The most common is stress. Stress often causes stress eating. This may vary among people but the majority of new students suffer from some kind of stress eating due to becoming accustomed to a new school, classes and new friends. Because of this, new college students need to be more conscious when it comes to their weight. Achieving one’s ideal weight does not happen overnight. Sometimes, it can be a daunting dream to pursue. The key is to have a concrete goal with an action plan. Your action plan will be composed of a clean diet and a rigorous exercise plan to burn calories, build lean muscle and burn fat.

fitness-bootcamp-south-tampaComing up with the best diet plan is the first task that needs to be done. This planning should be taken seriously. If possible, consult with a nutritionist or a school dietitian to provide knowledge and assistance. Students usually have a very hard time choosing the right foods to eat and designing different healthy meal plans so its nice to have guidance from a professional.

Along with your diet, exercise is crucial. The body needs to be physically active. To burn one pound of fat there needs to be a deficit of 3,500 calories released from the body. Individuals may choose to exercise alone or to diet very hard to create the deficit but this is not recommended. You should hit it from both ends and slightly decrease calories in your diet while burning additional calories through exercise. A great game plan would be to burn 250 calories per day with cardio exercise (jogging, biking, jump rope) and also cutting back 250 calories per day with your food intake. This will create an overall deficit of 500 calories per day which will equal 3,500 calories per week and 1 total pound of weight loss.

There are different exercises students can take part in. Among the many physical activities, walking is probably the easiest one to implement into a daily routine. Walking does not have to be super hard either (power walking). Students can walk around their school campus in order to burn some additional calories. You can also add different exercises in with walking. For example, you can walk for about 30 minutes during the morning and then jump rope for 30 minutes later in the evening. Along with burning calories, these activities are also beneficial for your heart and overall cardiorespiratory system.

Since it sounds like you want to take it to the next level and really get into amazing shape like the fitness models you see here on, you will want to focus on doing 45-60 minutes of cardio exercise 5-7 days per week. Find something fun and enjoyable that you can stick with for the long run that keeps you motivated and inspired to reach your goals!

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