Fat Loss Success Story – Deloris Piper Entered a Contest at 40


Deloris Piper is now competing in figure contests at the age of 40! She has transformed her body and is a true fat loss success story! She is one of the members of “Fitness Team BC” who joined in at the pre-contest phase to compete as a tribute to her 40th birthday and she was amazing!

Deloris had already worked out and had one of the firmest butts I had ever seen! What she needed most was a little bit more lean muscle but at 2-3 months out from the contest it is very hard to establish great gains in that area, so leaning out and working on her posing routine were the main areas to focus on. The figure class she entered had a 90 second routine which does not allow for inverted moves which makes it different from the regular fitness category.

Because of the short amount of time given to prepare, Deloris had to cram everything in very quickly. She had to buy her posing suit, train, diet and shock her system to get into contest ready shape. She is proof that anyone can do it even in a short period of time although I personally do not suggest this method! I always recommend planning out a year in advance so you are fully prepared for each small detail giving you time to research and continue with a strong plan of action with your diet, training and every other aspect that goes into getting ready for a fitness competition!

With the classic rock band ACDC as her music of choice and a motorcycle for a prop, she was ready to rock out and put her best foot forward to work hard within her limited schedule. Below is Deloris’ story in her own words and I really hope this helps out any other women who are over the age of 40 and really want to get into the best shape of their life!

Deloris’ Personal Fat Loss Success Story
I only had 3 months before the next competition in my area, and so I needed to get on an intense program immediately. I was referred to Linda Cusmano by a friend. After consulting with Linda, I decided to use her online training program because it was the most effective route I could take. Linda’s training program is extremely comprehensive and includes training, diet and choreography guidance. The affordability that the online program offered was also a huge plus!

The training program was intense but it was clearly laid out which made it very easy to follow. This helped me stay focused and disciplined with what I needed to do. There were times that I would be training at the gym at midnight because that was the only time I could carve out for exercise in my busy day.

My body responded quickly and I was really pleased with the muscular development that resulted in the short period of time I had allowed. Not only was Linda’s program very exact in every detail and able to produce incredible results, but I had also signed up for neurotherapy treatments toward the end of my training and feel that the treatments definitely had an impact on my performance and my sustained energy levels.

The best change I learned from the diet regimen was the importance of fueling my body and metabolism. Prior to training, I would sometimes eat only one or two meals in a day, so eating 5-6 small meals a day was a necessary and welcomed change.

During the training, I felt better about my body than I ever had in my life. I am thankful for the training program and tools that Linda has provided to me which I will use for the rest of my life.

Linda’s Final Thoughts
Deloris looked fabulous on stage and although she did not place in the top 3, she sure looked like she should have ranked much higher. Being the professional she is, Deloris was not fazed by this and came out a winner in her accomplished goal of competing in a figure competition at the age of 40!

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Linda is a national level fitness and figure pro who dabbles in bodybuilding competitions, obstacle and strength challenges along with fitness model competitions. She is a triple certified elite personal trainer and the owner of Body Rush Personal Training. See my profile page for more information!

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