Develop a Lean Body with These Fat Loss Tips To Get Ripped


So you want to get LEAN, seriously LEAN, but you are a little confused about what you need to do in order to burn off the body fat and develop a LEAN body. Here’s an acronym for the word “LEAN” that you will find very useful and it’s an easy one to remember:

  • L is for Lifestyle
  • E is for Exercise
  • A is for Attitude
  • N is for Nutrition

Lifestyle must be addressed. It’s not just about your exercise regime and nutritional plan, but stress management, quality of sleep and sleep patterns all play a vital role. Alcohol consumption and other factors all come in under the heading of lifestyle.

Exercise is an obvious one. One thing you MUST realize is that you need to STOP ‘Working Out’ and START ‘Training’, as there is a BIG difference between the two. People who train do so with a true purpose, a detailed plan and they know exactly what they want and how to go about achieving it.

Attitude is crucial. You MUST develop a success-orientated attitude. Failure or quitting is not an option. Become selfish (this ironically isn’t a selfish thing to do) and focus on yourself and what you want to achieve. Put YOU first and work on achieving the LEAN body you want and deserve.

Nutrition is another obvious one. However, don’t think that you need to start eating like a rabbit and starve yourself in order to achieve the body you want. Seek out advice from people in the know and follow their guidance. Practice SMART nutritional practices and as I like to say…

Eat CLEAN, If You Want To Get LEAN
If you put LEAN (Lifestyle-Exercise-Attitude-Nutrition) into practice, then what you practice will be GUARANTEED to make you LEAN… BUT… You MUST consistently put this into practice.

You have to continually apply yourself and you have to be consistent with your training and your nutritional plan. Applying yourself Monday through Friday and then having a free for all on the weekends IS NOT going to get you anywhere close to developing a LEAN BODY! You MUST avoid what I like to call ‘WEEKEND DISASTERS’. This is where you make good progress during the week and then due to your lifestyle and socializing over the weekend you end up back at square one on Monday!

The more serious your approach is towards developing a lean body, and the more serious you are in applying yourself, then the better your results will be! It’s a simple formula…

Serious Attitude + Serious Application = SERIOUS RESULTS!!!

I hope you found this tad bit of information informative and that it will encourage you to start putting LEAN into practice, which will ultimately lead you towards that goal of achieving a lean body!

Best of luck to you with your fat loss and physique development goals!

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