Top 10 Fitness Tips To Tighten Up and Sculpt Your Body


Fitness Tip #1
Write down your goals and be specific. Don’t just say, “I want to lose weight”. A good example may be to lose ten pounds by June 1st. When you write down your goals they become more realistic and easier to achieve because they are more than just a random thought. It’s just like when you need to reach a new destination when you’re driving in your car. If you don’t have the directions you may never get there. Get a map and you will get to your destination!

Fitness Tip #2
Now that you have your goals listed, write down what you are going to do in order to reach each one of those goals. An example is, “I will lift weights and do cardio four times each week and eat more protein”. Or another example might be, “I will eat every three hours and include at least 25 grams of protein in each meal”. Having a plan is like a map and it will make your goal more attainable. Talk to a fitness expert at your gym or begin reading magazines to learn more about how to reach your goals.


Fitness Tip #3
Take a “before” photo of yourself today! This way you will be able to see exactly what you look like. Many of us don’t want to have our photos taken but we need to face our true physical body straight on. Keeping the camera hidden is not going to hide the weight and it may only make your situation worse.

Fitness Tip #4
Get your body composition tested so you know your starting point. Getting your body composition tested every 6 months is very helpful. When we are trying to gain or lose weight, the scale is not the best way to track our progress. The results from a composition test tells us what kind of weight we are gaining or losing and what we are made of today (muscle versus fat).

Fitness Tip #5
Start reading fitness and bodybuilding magazines! Better yet, reward yourself with a subscription. From reading magazines such as ‘Muscle & Fitness’, ‘Oxygen’, ‘Muscle Mag’, ‘Flex’ and ‘Ironman’, I have educated myself about how to eat to attain a rock hard and lean body! The learning never stops and I still read each and every issue of Oxygen and often pick up other magazines as well.

Fitness Tip #6
Write down what you are eating and drinking throughout the day and when you’re consuming those foods and beverages. This is important because you will learn what foods are causing you to gain weight, or lose it. Plus, when you are writing down every food that goes into your mouth it’s much harder to record 3 brownies and you might decide not to eat them. You will find yourself more conscious about each food choice you make and you will begin to pick healthier meals.

Fitness Tip #7
Eat 5-6 small meals a day, every three hours. When we eat often our metabolism speeds up and we burn more calories at rest. We also think better, have less stress and have more energy. Since our bodies can utilize only so many calories at one time, eating more often and in smaller portions is the only way to eat to optimally burn fat and build lean muscle.


Fitness Tip #8
Eat until you are no longer hungry and NOT until you are completely full. There will always be another meal so be patient! Keep busy in between meals and find other ways besides food to spend your time (go out for a walk or take your dog to the park).

Fitness Tip #9
Work up to drinking at least two liters of water a day. One liter of water can be consumed during your workout. At first, you may find this hard but your body will start to crave water. Drinking water will help you feel refreshed, help relieve headaches and curb your appetite. To make it taste better, add a squeeze of lemon juice to your water.

Fitness Tip #10
Buy a nutritional almanac and read how many calories are in the foods you eat every day. As kids, we were never taught about foods the way we should have been. We were not taught about calories and the effects certain calories have on our bodies. Now it’s time for you to take charge and educate yourself. I suggest reading the “Nutrition Almanac” by Lavon J. Dunne which is an excellent source of nutritional information. This book, along with the information found in various bodybuilding and fitness magazines is the education you should be studying up on. The bell is ringing, so let’s get to class!

Extra Tip! Results from any new diet and workout program really start to reveal themselves in the second month so be patient and enjoy the process. When you feel the need to cheat, keep it to once a week and enjoy but don’t overindulge! Moderation is key, even when you’re enjoying a delicious cheat meal.

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