Choose The Body of Your Dreams and Get Your Ideal Physique


How do you want to look? Do you want to look like you did years ago? Do you want to look like a person in a magazine? Do you want to look like a bodybuilder?

I have written about how genetics is a determiner of how you will look, no matter how much you work out, and how to be happy with how you look through the process. It is important to envision how you want to look while liking where you are.

Have you ever gone into a department store and seen an outfit that is wonderful, creative and sexy, but just not you? You are certain it would look great, but you pass on it. Another’s look may not be right for you. As you see your body change, you will see what feels and looks good to you. Let it flow and blend together. It is a yin-yang balance, as is everything. You get to choose your body.

Choosing where you are is important too. You can be in traffic, and whine, curse and complain. Doing so to an extent is not “bad”. After all, complaining does several things: it gives us an access to who we are, our needs, and wants; it offers us an opportunity for some intimacy and sharing with close ones; and it gives us an opportunity to see things that we are not fond of in life, and a chance to transform them or go get what we want!

At the same time, we can choose where we are in terms of fitness and trust the Universe that we are exactly where we need to be. This includes our bodies. This comes down to loving yourself. After all, many people do not have their health, and doing something as simple as breathing or walking is difficult. Our bodies are miracles. Love your body. There is only one you in the Universe. Love yourself! You are beautiful! And if someone else says that you are not, so what? Think positive! You will end up believing it!

Unless you love and accept your body before taking on working out, one of the following will happen:

  • You struggle in and hate the process of losing weight
  • You try and try again, and your weight keeps yo-yoing
  • You never lose weight
  • You lose weight, keep the weight off, yet are never truly free and happy

After you accept your body, whatever shape you are in, you get to choose how you want to look. Before starting an exercise program, you must get a medical check-up. Health is the most important. If you have a bad back or knee and the physician, chiropractor, or physical therapist told you not to do certain exercises, listen to them. You get to set the goals for yourself. You do not have to look like anyone you know or anyone in a magazine.

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Louiza Patsis

Louiza Patsis is certified as a personal trainer by the International Sports Sciences Association. She is the author of a book about mind-body connection, accepting your body, balance and endurance, flexibility and strength, stretching, and exercise programs. See my profile page for more information!

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