Fitness Fads – Myths and Lies about Thunder Thighs


Myths and lies prevail surrounding exercises that target areas like the core muscles around the spine. Home exercise equipment and supplements have flooded the market and new programs are developed overnight (some even help us lose weight while we sleep). Yesterday’s trends were choreographed aerobics and high impact exercises thanks to Jane Fonda and her friends in the leg warmer brigade. Today, even the elite sports teams are doing yoga, pilates and core stability training instead of the macho cardiovascular and weight exercises that were ruled by the “drop and give me 20 pushups” coaching mentality.

There are many stigmas attached to different types of exercises that influence your exercise routine and it is important to educate yourself before setting unrealistic goals or diving head first into an activity that may cause irreversible injury. Read the magazines, surf the Internet and empower yourself as a pre-activity warm up.

The following misconceptions are still prevalent in the sports science field and the truth behind the fallacy needs to be revealed:

Personal Trainers are for Celebrities and Rich People
Personal training should be a necessity instead of a luxury for all people who want to learn how to exercise effectively using proper breathing, lifting and training techniques. Programs are tailored to meet specific needs and assist in reaching personalized goals and a few sessions could cost the same as a wild night out or a monthly cigarette bill.

Cycling and Spinning Leads To Big, Muscular Legs
Have you ever seen a fat cyclist? I didn’t think so! Providing that you do not put too much resistance on the cycle, the workout is more cardiovascular in nature than muscle building.

Weight Training Leads To Bulky Physiques in Women
Skinny women who are sedentary often have elevated body fat percentages as their muscles are flabby and not toned even though their weight is under control. More muscle mass is instrumental for increasing muscle tone, preventing osteoporosis, and helping with fatigue and other health risks.

Gym Regulars Have Perfect Bodies
Have a look at the shapes and sizes of regular gym members and dismiss the misconception that is created by people who avoid the gym and will look for any excuse to stay on the couch. A small percentage of people who use gym memberships are bodybuilders or competitive athletes. The bulk (pardon the pun) of active people are average on the outside and more conditioned and content on the inside due to healthier hearts.

These common misconceptions hang around the fitness industry like the stink of sweat that is proving difficult to wash from our minds. Any excuse fuels the procrastination process that results from avoiding an exercise program. So, don’t listen to any of these common myths and get your butt in gear so you can get to the gym and start burning some calories!

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