Fitness Soul – Ways Exercise Can Help Your Mind and Body


When most of us think about fitness, it’s usually about weight loss or making changes to our bodies along with some health benefits. However, there are many things fitness will affect in our lives which will help us become a stronger person.

Through fitness and eating healthier, we become a stronger person within. We are able to realize that we can set new goals in different areas of our lives and reach them. Our confidence and discipline has no boundaries as we truly become a new person through the years. We can become a person with energy, a positive attitude, a zest for life and a belief system that anything can be achieved. It will take time to make the changes, but the great thing is that many wonderful changes will come from doing it.

Someone once said that if we could only live life backwards, we would know how to live it better going forward as we age. As adults, we need to instill good values, morals, decision making and health in our children so that they do not make some of the same mistakes we made. Starting in the right direction is so much better than having to make changes after years of living life making poor choices because of not knowing better and then struggling to make the needed changes.

Everything we put in our body and our mind can and will affect us in one way or another. If you continue to eat foods high in fat, calories, sodium, sugar and preservatives, you will most likely have health issues. Things we watch on television can influence us in many ways to make impulse decisions to buy products. The violence we see on TV, desensitizes us after seeing murder after murder or rape after rape. Some people in prison said they did the things they did because of either alcohol, drugs, pornography, music or video games. With that said, we all need to be careful what we consume from watching, listening and eating.

If there were no foods high in fat, calories, sodium, sugar and preservatives, we would all be much healthier both physically and emotionally. The main problem is that those foods are readily available in every street corner in towns all across America. Many times, we get busy in our lives and hit the drive-thru. Hitting the drive-thru and making poor choices sooner or later will cause us to get super sized. Many of the food products in the store are packaged to be very inviting. If we, as consumers, were able to go to the store and read the details on the front of the package in big letters, “This product can cause heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity”, would we still purchase it? I believe most would not but some still would as they have no discipline and are unable to control what they eat. Many products are sold because of the packaging and advertising. People find them to be inviting. If companies advertised a product in a plain white box with the text labeled as “Tastes great but it’s bad for your health”, would you buy it?

The great thing about fitness is that it also helps to occupy our mind. We have something very positive to put our time into and we are able to get back great rewards. There is nothing better than feeling good about ourselves and having inner peace and good health. We can’t put a price on it and we can’t buy it. It is up to each and every one of us to make that investment in ourselves.

There have been people who worked all their lives to make lots of money neglecting their health while doing so. Then, one day their health fails them. They realize that they would spend any amount of money to get their health back. But in some cases, the damage is done and there is no amount of money in the world that can help them. The key is to put all things in life in perspective and take care of our health first and foremost as we enjoy the beautiful gift of life we are all given.

One day, I spoke to a person trying out the fitness center who had just lost her husband. I shared with her that fitness can be a life saver and it is one of the best things she could do for herself. Weeks later, I saw her again and she told me I was right. For her, fitness was truly helping her everyday to get through the difficult times she was going through and it really was a life saver! That made me very happy to see the inner change she had made and to see the new strength she was finding within herself. There are many people in the world that need the benefits of fitness to help their heart, body and soul. Maybe some of you who are reading this article can help others as I did!

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My name is Duane Burlingame and I have trained athletes in powerlifting taking them to both Regional and World competition with some of them winning Regional titles and World titles. See my profile page for more information!

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