Why are Middle-Aged People Struggling with Health and Fitness?


71% of all Americans are overweight or obese! This is extremely startling considering the number of gyms and fitness centers available, the emergence of the health and nutrition industry and medical advances to improve fitness and help people reduce weight. Shouldn’t the overweight and obesity numbers be going in the opposite direction?

Clearly all the fitness centers, gyms, crazy fad diets and supplements that are being sold are not doing the trick. The weight loss industry is a $20 billion a year behemoth and when you combine the nutritional supplement industry, they both account for an astonishing $60 billion of revenue every year!

The annual health care costs associated with overweight individuals was $315 billion in 2010. I’m sure the actual cost through 2016 is probably double this due to the increase in overweight people and rising health care costs.

So Why No Progress? There are quite a few reasons, but I will point out the most prevalent below:

  • Education – Most people don’t have the faintest idea about how to follow a healthy diet. Fitness or medical advances that can help these individuals lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • The reluctance to financially invest in better health by compensating trained fitness professionals to assist them in designing an effective workout plan, teach them how to properly workout and assist with developing an effective and healthy nutritional program. Many will not seek medical assistance for blood tests to detect potential deficiencies within their bodies that may be contributing to weight gain or other health issues.
  • Ego – Many people think they understand how to workout effectively and eat healthy. This lack of knowledge leads these individuals to zero results and even worse health.
  • Many people do have the desire to lose those unwanted pounds but they take shortcuts like purchasing fad diets and dangerous weight loss supplements which may work in the short-term, but do not provide a long-term resolution to the main problem. Most of the people who take these shortcuts eventually give up and believe that their weight issues are a result of age and can’t be corrected.
  • Comfort in Numbers – Since so many people are overweight, some individuals think that it’s just normal to gain weight as they get older.
  • People do not get help from medical professionals and receive assistance with their weight issues.
  • Overweight individuals are not properly trained or educated about how to design an effective workout plan or how to achieve fitness goals and improve their overall health. I’d estimate that 90% of the people working out in the gym do not have effective workout plans nor are they properly trained about how to workout correctly.
  • People are unaware of the health risks and costs associated with being overweight or obese. An overweight person incurs, on average, an additional $1,850 in medical expenses per year and the obese person averages an additional $5,500 in medical expenses per year. For those incurring catastrophic health issues, the cost is much greater.

What’s The Bottom Line? If you are overweight and you fail to address the issue, your weight will increase at a greater rate due to a slower metabolism. Here are some of the health issues associated with overweight and obese individuals:

  • 42% more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease.
  • 60% more likely to die of a heart attack versus someone who is not overweight.
  • 90% more likely to get type 2 diabetes.
  • 14-20% more likely to get cancer.
  • 24% higher risk of having a stroke.
  • Overweight people have a 32% chance of getting high blood pressure and someone who is obese is 81% more likely to get high blood pressure.
  • Hip and knee replacements are skyrocketing for people who are overweight and obese.

What’s My Background?
I am an accomplished 58-year-old bodybuilder and health and fitness expert. I’m passionate about the middle-aged because I was once in the same downward spiral wondering why I was gaining weight and losing muscle mass. For about 10 years I would make allowances for how I looked and felt based on my age. At the age of 50, I decided to do something about it!

I got a physical and did some research on how to workout effectively. I also examined exactly what I was eating every day. The results of this research were startling! I found out that my testosterone levels were low, my workouts were ineffective and my diet was atrocious. No wonder I didn’t feel or look good!

I got into bodybuilding because I was struggling with aging. I just didn’t feel good about myself and I wanted to prove to myself, and the world, that you really can control how you age through a proper diet and a well-rounded fitness program. I really didn’t know much about the bodybuilding but I was ready to learn.

In August of 2010, I purchased a diet and workout plan on the Internet. I asked a lot of questions and worked extremely hard at it. By the end of October, I had lost 41 pounds and competed in my first bodybuilding competition, which I finished second in. Three weeks later, and much more confident, I ended up winning the Fame Body Proud World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Over the last 8 years, I have competed in 16 bodybuilding competitions. I have won two major championships and placed second in six others and finished 3rd, 4th or 5th eight times. Most recently, I have placed 2nd in the prestigious NPC Las Vegas Classic where I placed second for the last two years and qualified for the NPC United States National Championships.

At 58 years old, I physically look better than any other time of my life and I’m more muscular than ever before. I plan on making improvements to my mind and body every year. My secret clearly has been implementing balanced workouts along with a clean, reasonable diet. I pride myself on being a student of health and fitness and I constantly strive to learn as much as possible. During the last 5 years, I have achieved the following certifications:

  • Certified Master Trainer
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified in Weight Loss and Nutrition

I have developed relationships with fitness experts from around the world. Currently, I design fitness plans and provide training to middle-aged adults who want to regain their shape, tone up and lose weight. It is very gratifying helping others learn the secrets about controlling how they age, look and feel. Giving back to others and helping my friends and clients lead more healthy and active lives is a great feeling. It wasn’t too long ago that I was fortunate enough to meet fitness experts who taught me those same secrets. It’s a powerful feeling knowing that I’m changing people’s lives for the better.

“Your Fitness Solution” will be my next article here on ShapeFit. It will focus on simple weight loss and fitness solutions for middle-aged individuals so they can get one step closer to turning back the clock and transform ugly body fat into attractive lean muscle so they can look and feel amazing. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about why it is important to maintain good health. My goal is to inspire people to join the journey of having a healthy mind and body. Hopefully you’re ready to embark on your new journey today!

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Timothy Roach

My name is Timothy Roach and I'm a Certified Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer and I'm certified in sports nutrition. I'm also an accomplished amateur bodybuilder and have competed in 16 bodybuilding competitions. See my profile page for more information!


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      Thanks for your feedback. At 58, I am amazed to have a better look than my 20’s. I’m humbled and appreciative to have discovered my path. For many years I struggled with my body changing. I guess I was holding myself back. Now I’m excited to see what improvements I’ll see when I hit 60!

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    Eye opening statistics, but so true and something our culture has a hard time embracing. Your point is articulated well, and I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future!

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    Hi Walt – Thanks so much for your kind words. My passion is my gratefulness to have caught this before I became one of those stats. My goal is to reach more and more people. Take care and great health!

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    Congrats on your personal journey! Let’s remember that other people’s habits should NOT be of our monetary concern. Your article backs that up with stats (our bodies, your wallets). That is an unhealthy mix.

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    Danial Lundberg on

    It is great to finally meet a man in my age group that walks the talk. Thank you for your weekly inspiration!

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