Home Gym Tips – Best Equipment for Working Out and Cardio


The perfect home gym would consist of one that has a variety of weights that you could use in your strength and resistance training, and of course a cardio vascular machine to get your heart rate all pumped up and ready to burn to fat. Don’t expect to pay a lot of money either.

When you look at treadmills, bikes, steppers and health walkers there is clearly no easy way out. Have you forgotten the good old-fashioned way? Jump ropes are probably the cheapest cardio tool available. They’re fun, easy and cheap, not to mention the total body workout they provide. You can pick these up for around $15 and if you want to get fancy, you can always get the Tanita skipping rope, which comes complete with a built-in “calories burned” reader.

Flex balls have been around for a few years, and are extremely popular, so popular that trainers are using them and even gyms offer classes, which show you how to use the ball to its maximum potential. They’re great, convenient and can usually be picked up for around $25, depending on the size you go for. Because of their elasticity and bounce, they provide you with support and wont put strain on your lower back during exercise.

Flex balls can be used for stretching, strength and stability training. Although the primary function of the ball focuses on the “core” (abs and lower back), it can also be used for a wide variety of other functions including replacing an ordinary weight bench, or to perform an effective arm and leg workout as well as an abdominal and lower back routine.

Flex balls are also great to help improve your posture, balance and stability. So even if you’re at the gym every day, there is no reason you cannot get a ball and perform a few light workouts at home in any case.

Strength and Resistance
This snappy little fitness tool is probably the most cost-effective home gym must have. Elastic exercise bands are small and convenient, fold up into a tiny little package and get this, they only weight about 50 grams. Which means, you can take them anywhere with you, even on holidays. Exercise bands can be used as a great resistance training tool or as part of your stretching routine.

Depending on how you use it and where you position it, you can vary the resistance from easy to super difficult, and you can do it anywhere inside or outdoors. Exercise bands are great for replacing machinery that requires resistance and also for exercises that focus on each individual muscle group. They can be picked up from around $15.

So next time you use that excuse, “I can’t make it to the gym tonight” or “I can’t afford or accommodate a home gym”, remember that your excuses will reflect on your physical shape. So, you should go for it!

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    The funny thing is that people spend hundreds of dollars on fitness equipment, but there are body weight exercises that can be used to get stronger and lose weight at home. They are cheap and efficient. In my opinion, jump rope is the king of this list. It is an excellent workout to boost endurance.

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