Are these numbers for real?

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Are these numbers for real?

Post by raz_60 »

are BMR calculators on the internet reliable? i calculated BMR on different websites and got different numbers from each but they were all over 1000, so basically according to these websites i burn just over 1000 calories a day even if i do nothing but this number doesnt seem realistic? do you really burn that much calories a day just by breathing, talking, blinking, reading etc? no real exercise at all literally just sitting infront of the tv all day will you really burn 1000 calories?
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Re: Are these numbers for real?

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Well I can't tell you if such BMR calculators are correct or not, but burning calories when sedentary obviously happens, but take into account all the movement people do. Things like walking up and down stairs, getting things out of cupboards and fridges, cutting up food, typing on keyboards, walking to and from the toilet, washing and drying dishes etc, you'd probably burn more calories than you think.
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Re: Are these numbers for real?

Post by BeyondGymWalls »

Well your (BMR) Basal Metabolic Rate and your (RMR) Resting Metabolic Rate are two different measurements but are usually used interchangeably. For lack of better words your RMR is a measurement of how many calories your body uses just being you. With everything you do during the day (walking, driving, laughing, blinking, waving etc.) 1000 calories does seem a little low but it depends on your size and muscle mass. Someone who has more muscle will have a higher RMR compared to someone who has a smaller frame. To answer your question, yes your body does burn 1000+ calories a day just being you!

Hope this helps!

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