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I'm new to this forum and to the health and fitness world in general. I try to stay fairly active in everyday life. I work at a petroleum refinery which allows me to get quite a few steps in. I ride dirt bikes and do some hunting and fishing. I'm looking to improve general health and welfare. I eat relatively healthy(not saying I don't partake in the occasional fast-food meal or snack cakes), but I am hoping to get some advice on things to stay away from or things that I should eat more of. I am also trying to get into better shape by excercising. I run occasionally but I am wanting to be more toned and have more strength. I am currently 5' 10" and weigh ~150( weight fluctuates 5-10lbs constantly). I don't have a particular weight goal in mind because like I said I am looking more for definition. major problem is lack of energy and just honestly not knowing where to start. I'm hoping to get some advice/modivation from anybody willing to give it. Thanks.
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Re: Inroduction!

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Hi JR good to talk to you. Post on a relevant forum section and we'll see what we can do for you :).
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Re: Inroduction!

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Hello all friends!
I am new here just join today. Hope you all well and always help me. I got this community highly friendly that's why i am here. I like to build good relations i am not much talkative but i am a good reader and listener hope you enjoy company as mine :D :D :D :D
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