What Are Your Favorite Headphones for Exercising?

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What Are Your Favorite Headphones for Exercising?

Post by AintNothinButaPeanut »

Good afternoon, fellow fit friends! For years now, I have been trying to find the perfect pair of headphones for the gym/running so that I can still jam out to favorite tunes, but without being cumbersome while I'm trying to get pump on.

I've found several online references for wireless gym headphones, but I don't want to buy a pair unless I can get some personal recommendations. So, if you have a pair of headphones that you swear by for when you're at the gym, let me know! I don't care if they are in-ear, on-ear, or over-ear, as long as they will stay on head (or in ears) easily without falling out. Bonus points for being sweatproof and wireless.

I'm definitely interested in the Jaybird X2 Sport, because they are #1 on Headphone Charts http://headphonecharts.com/best-workout-headphones.php, are #9 on BestProducts http://www.bestproducts.com/tech/gadget ... s/?slide=1, and are basically included on every other list I've seen. Does anyone have any experience with these in particular?

I appreciate any feedback you may have for me! Stay fit!
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Re: What Are Your Favorite Headphones for Exercising?

Post by jgerard »

I use a small set of Sony earbuds. Nothing fancy, but they get the job done.
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