19 years old, need advise on sizing up.

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19 years old, need advise on sizing up.

Post by sod1011 »

I'm 19 years old, 5'6", weigh 110 pounds. I used to not be able to gain weight for the past 2 years no matter how much i ate or exercised. But, recently I'm seeing some changes. Other than that, i needed to know if there is any possible way for me to gain a few more inches in height? father is 5'9'' and mother is 5'4''. I have started to grow some facial hair on chin,mustache, and sideburns. But, i still have not gotten a "full beard". Is this normal? Will i be able to get more facial hair later? From the research I've done, it says that when a teen guy grows into an adult, they automatically start growing natural muscles, and will see a rapid increase in muscle size. I still have not gotten this type of muscle growth. Will I later?

I was not really doing any physical activity (on a daily basis) from 14-18 cuz of some issues. I fell as that lack of exercise stunted growth...

Also, relating with penile growth. I'm at 5 inch length, and like 3' girth. I've done alot of research on this, and most say that pills and supplements don't work, as well as jelqing and other related exercises. Is there a real way of actually increasing length and girth? (at 19 years of age).

Looking forward to some legitimate advice...
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Re: 19 years old, need advise on sizing up.

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Hi Sod good to talk to you.

Firstly being able to grow a beard at your age will come eventually even if all the facial hair has not come through yet.

Secondly gaining more height and natural musculature at your age will be unlikely, as it will be dictated to a large extent by your bodies natural ability to produce growth hormone and testosterone. Lack of physical activity for a 4 year period in your teens, would be not a major factor in how your bodies height and build was affected.

In terms of penile changes, you will not really see much, if any, change now and to be honest the only real way to get it would be an enlargement operation and I would not recommend that in a million years, just because I don't think you need it at all.

The only real way to improve musculature at your age would be a sensible weight lifting plan coupled with a relative eating plan.
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