Mainly For The Female Members Regards Messaging

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Mainly For The Female Members Regards Messaging

Post by Boss Man »

In lieu of one or two things I have read from female members in recent days, regarding certain activity here, I would like to take time to say the following.

This forum may be public, but obviously the message system is a very different thing.

I would like to therefore say that some members who may use Fittracker, but not the forum, can obviously still contact members, or access other members profile content and information, even just to view or read things.

I want to say to all female members, if any members say or do anything privately, that you feel is not acceptable to you, however serious or trivial it seems, don't ever be afraid, embarrassed or ashamed to get in touch with me privately, and let me know what is going on.

It doesn't matter what the person says, even if it seems like unacceptable flirting, a little rude, ungentlemanly or whatever, you should contact myself, or maybe even Admin, and report what you see as an infringement of your right, to use this site in its entirety, with a feeling of safety, comfort and enjoyment.

You concerns WILL be dealt with pretty promptly, once they are known about, any even remotely possible computer issues for me or Admin, excluded.

Every responsible female member, has the right to use Shapefit, in a way that is comfortable and hopefully enjoyable, without worrying that occasionally a member, might decide to message or access member content in a way, that said female member, feels goes against their rights and freedoms as a member.

As long as a female member respects others, and the facilities they use here, which almost all do, then they are entitled to respect, courtesy and as comfortable and enjoyable experience, as they can reasonably expect to get, quality of facilities aside.

Remember, if you do experience private attention or contact you do not wish to continue and you don't say anything to someone like me, I personally cannot help you to try and resolve your issue, so therefore cannot attempt to prevent, or assist the prevention of further said contacts or private attention, leaving you capable of receiving more.

Whilst there is a facility to restrict profile access to invited persons only, I hope that you would not feel the need to do this, either after or before, any possible contacts and attention, of the aforementioned nature, as I like to think all female members can join, and use as much of the site as they like, without any concerns or worries.

If you do however, attempt to contact members, in a potentially unsuitable or possibly flirtatious way, then any returned contacts, that you feel are not something you would tolerate, must in part be seen as in some way your own doing, because any anti-social or flirtatious contacts in private, remain a possible invitation for unsuitable replies.

This however does not mean myself or Admin would necessarily dismiss your protestations, but it might affect the way we investigate them.

We WILL try to look after all our female members, and no matter what age, background, beliefs, sexual orientation etc etc, you are all equal here, and we try to treat you as Ladies, YES that goes for you female teens as well, and as long as you respect Shapefit, you are all entitled to the same care and attention, when you feel your rights and freedoms here have been infringed.

However I must reiterate, that unless you make myself or Admin aware, of anything you feel is a private infringement of your access, by another member, we cannot act and cannot try to help you to get resolution for your situation.

So again, I say, no matter what you think of someone elses contacts or activities here, if you are not happy with something, PLEASE don't hide away, leave Shapefit, or feel embarrassed or ashamed by any attention you deem unsavoury, that you know for certain you haven't potentially encouraged.

Your right to use Shapefit responsibly and socially, will NEVER be in question, and whilst we try not to take sides, we WILL try to address your issues, with hopefully the tact and sensitivity, you deserve as Ladies and valued and appreciated supporters of the site.

Thank you to all of you who have taken time to read this, and for your patronage and any contributions you have made, or may make in the future.

You DO add to the diversity, quality, value and "community" feel of the site, and we will try to hopefully do our best, to look out for each and every one of you, when you feel you need us to.

Safe surfing and best wishes :).

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Post by SimplyBlessed »

Thanks for looking out for us Boss Man! :)
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Post by herblady28 »

Thanks for posting that Boss Man. I have never experienced problems on this website but have had SEVERAL issues on Facebook. Almost to the point that I wanted to just completely take myself off of Facebook.

And of course, to reach anyone at Facebook to try and take action was next to impossible.

So it is good to know that there is someone looking out for us on this site!!!! Thanks! :D
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Post by Boss Man »

There are faciltiies on Facebook, where you can select not to be on any search facility, so you can only be accessed by people you approve, eiother by sending them an invite on their profile, or to their e-mail address.

I used it, just because I don't want just anyone accessing mine, and because I barely use mine anyway, and I only have a very few select contacts.

As for what you said, yes, we do look you for our members especially our Lady members, because we do try to be sensitive to your needs / feelings.
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Re: Mainly For The Female Members Regards Messaging

Post by SingaSoph »

Thank you so much for this post :thumb:
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