Improving Sprinting

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Improving Sprinting

Post by ZeeDom »

I have some serious issues. I don't have a track near-by, there is just one track in the whole city and it's far away. I sprint (not in a straight line) in a park and before sprinting I do a run for a warm up. Since last week, I feel overall performance has decreased. Help me. :(. I want to sprint fast. workout to rest ratio was 1:1 last week, this week, I sucked with an average ratio of 1:2. I used to do circuit training one day and sprinting and upper body the other day, I quit circuit training and started making own workout including supersets and all. Tips, suggestions, pro advice, anything anything anything.
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Re: Improving Sprinting

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How did you start doing sprint work if the track was far away? What did you do to get started, because maybe you could re-evaluate what you did and go pretty much back to basics and then go from there.
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Re: Improving Sprinting

Post by Garenius »

Go for short bursts, and then slowly work your way up.

Resistance training also works, but mainly you should improve on short term stamina.

You can put weights on your legs if you want to speed up the process, but if you're still growing, wouldn't suggest it.

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