Exercises to support the knees... Track & Field related

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Exercises to support the knees... Track & Field related

Post by steveabode »

Greetings ShapeFitters, old and new

(M, 40, 5'9", ~230lbs)
I was recently getting into reasonable (tho still overweight) shape and training to throw the javelin at local club. When I took a very hard throw, left knee basically collapsed :( I should know better because this is about the third time it's happened.... So, much as it pains me (no pun intended) I have to turn attentions to the Shot Putt, Hammer and Discus instead; which have never caused me injury or the type of pain that javelin does!!

question, good people, is:

How does a heavy athlete (whilst losing weight) train to increase explosive strength, much of which must come from the legs, when his knees are-- and will probably continue to be-- too painful to perform squats, heavily-weighted lunges or any hopping exercises at all....?

All the best

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Re: Exercises to support the knees... Track & Field related

Post by Boss Man »

It's difficult unless you could try things like sprints, which I am skeptical on in respect of thme being possible with no associated pain.

You would be better to stick to whatever you can do for legs right now even if it's just bodyweighted squats and lunges, until such time as you have healed enough.

Have you been told you will need any form of corrective surgery, or may be stuck with your problem for life, assuming you have sought a medical consultation of some kind, since this issue arose.
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Re: Exercises to support the knees... Track & Field related

Post by ultimatehlth »

Hey Steve, first let me say that if your knees are causing you that much pain you should have it evaluated and probably an MRI taken just to be sure that activity isn't causing further injury. That being said here are a few exercises I use with knee pain challenged clients. Lay down on your back and place your legs over the top of a stability ball, dig in your heels and pull the ball toward your bum as you raise your hips, (essentially this is a closed chain leg curl) and much easier on your joints. Place a stick against your instep and pull your toes toward you flexing at the ankle while using the stick to create resistance. This will strengthen your anterior tibialis which helps with runners knee, jumpers knee, and tracking problems. Strengthen your VMO muscle by doing single leg step-ups. Use a box or steps about 8 inches tall, place one foot on top and the other on the floor. Slowly use the elevated leg to lift yourself up and down. Do this both standing laterally to the box as well as behind it and stepping forward. As you get stronger and move to higher boxes your heel on the elevated foot will be off the box at the start of movement. This is essentially a closed chain leg extension motion. Regular leg extensions are horrible for your knees as they place to much tension on the articulating surface of the knees. Lastly, remember to use a foam roller on your quads, hamstrings and on the IT track (lateral side of thigh).
These exercise are therapeutic and not supposed to be power movements.

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Re: Exercises to support the knees... Track & Field related

Post by toddhicks209 »

To build explosive strength, you can adopt a power lifter regimen in which you lift as much weight as you can with your arms and legs in less than five repetitions.
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Re: Exercises to support the knees... Track & Field related

Post by ChristinaV »

Hi everyone! Don't know if this the right thread to post but nephew is 13 and plays basketball since 9. sister told me he is facing knees pains and I want to buy him a new pair of shoes for his birthday next month. Any ideas for good toddler's sport shoes?
I am thinking of those https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01NBFKT9U/
or the classic Nike ones https://www.scrooge.co.uk/s/941280/Nike ... 2-006.html

Has anyone tried either?
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