too much stamina...?

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too much stamina...?

Post by badversion »

Well i am a football (soccer) player.
Well as the saying goes too much of anything is bad.

well prob is i can run around on the field for 3 and a half hours to 4 hours till i actually body says thats enough and that too because i guess i myself dont wanna over do it.

while other mates get tired in usual 1 and half hours i have double no no certainly more...anything wrong with me!?

Even mates were shocked that I can run so much.

kinda feel proud but theres nothing wrong right!?
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Re: too much stamina...?

Post by swanso5 »

nothing wrong with that

get stronger and quicker and get your skills up and you could make some cash out of that
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Re: too much stamina...?

Post by dusk »

Sounds pretty good to me. What have you been eating lately kiddo? :D
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Re: too much stamina...?

Post by roger2_you »

I feel that its your passion towards the game that keeps you going, nothing wrong in that. Extra stamina is always good for sports like soccer. Improve more soccer skills in you with that extra stamina will be advantages.
All the best for your soccer....
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Re: too much stamina...?

Post by bloomtofit »

Definitely nothing wrong with that. Your most likely have enlarged ventricles and an efficient cardiovascular-respiratory integration. You should feel lucky because it takes hard work to get there. If you're interested in how the cardiovascular system works >> ... stem-works
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Re: too much stamina...?

Post by ella1985 »

There is no reason to worry about... If you take it for a period of time and you feel pretty good means that your body feels perfect and you do not get too much stamina.
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