How can I increase stamina in hockey?

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How can I increase stamina in hockey?

Post by Baseballkid14 »

It's offseason for hockey right now and I need a good plan to increase stamina. I already work out at least 3 days a week with a weights everyday followed by some running on the treadmill. What can I do in addition to this to make stamina better for hockey?

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Re: How can I increase stamina in hockey?

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Don't do the same kind of treadmill stuff. If it's steady state, try doing intervals, that are not adaptive, like S S could be, so thne you train in a way that won't possibly be less effective over time.

Bearing in mind your sport would require an uneven amount of speed throughout, unlike a Marathon say, which can be a constant maintained speed over about 98% of the course, (excluding the run off the line and any attempted sprint finish).

If you're doign abotu 3 sessions a week, that should be enough to get some aerobic improemenet, in which case either.

A: add another 2 minutes on to the next weeks sessions, and slowly work up little by little per week.

B: slightly increase the difficulty, week by week, maintaining the same timeframe.

Either of those should help you.
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Re: How can I increase stamina in hockey?

Post by ultimatehlth »

Add cycling to your training routine. Cycling uses the same muscles in a very similar way to speed skating which is why some Olympian skaters spend time in a velodrome. If you have a bike get out doors otherwise try a spinning bike. Train both for speed (sprint intervals) as well as endurance (longer or hill rides). Put some time in on a lateral movement training for more direct cross over training. If your gym doesn't have one you can pick one up for under $200 from Power Systems.
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Re: How can I increase stamina in hockey?

Post by zak19 »

Both replies above are good advice. Hockey is a multi-sprint sport as you will know with short shifts at high intensity so simply running on a treadmill for an extended period of time won't do a whole lot of good. Interval training would be the best way to imporve your performance on ice. Most hockey shifts are pretty short unless your team is lacking players so high intensity short bursts are what you need to try.
Get on a bike or a short running track and do burst of speed over a short time followed by a slower pace and repeat.
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Re: How can I increase stamina in hockey?

Post by Elliptical206 »

It sounds to me like you might be doing a bit too much lifting and and not quite enough cardio and aerobic training. I'm no expert, and I'm a woman but I might not know best, but I would try and do some lifting and mixed cardio everyday. Like man boss said, mix up the cardio with intervals, hills, even run backwards with a high incline some times. I poked around online a a litte bit and found the following workout for hockey just to give you an example of what other people are doing:

Also, I know you aren't me :D but a yoga class on the weekends sounds like it could help you out too

This article is pretty detailed and there are obviously some things you can't do but it gives you an idea of what the elite are doing.
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Re: How can I increase stamina in hockey?

Post by AFXStyle »

If you want to increase you stamina, I suggest GPP
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