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Help Please!

Post by SSamson »

Hi everybody, I'm new here, and the reason I'm here is because i've been 10-15 pounds overweight for the past 3-4 years and its a huge insecurity of mine. I have a lot of information below about myself, and if you are moderately knowledgeable about exercise and staying fit, it would be a HUGE help if you could take a few minutes to learn about situation and provide a bit of advice. I REALLY want this, I am very determined.

I stumbled upon this site by googling "fitness forums" and I did this to do exactly what im doing now, posting a forum thread asking for specific help, instead of some general diet/workout plan type thing. I thought that somebody with experience assessing situation and giving advice would be more beneficial than going with a diet plan that people of all kinds use.

That being said, I understand that a lot of personal information about myself is required. Here are physical traits:
6'0 feet tall
~175 Pounds
15.5 Years Old
Goal: 160 pounds
Daily Schedule: School 7AM-3PM, Computer 3:30-6, Dinner 6-7, Homework 7-8, Computer 8-11, Sleep.

I have no physical activity whatsoever on a day-to-day basis besides 50-minute badminton class at school. I understand that this is what needs to change, probably should be substituted in for some of countless hours spent on the computer and video games.
moderately large body size ( very wide shoulders, and i don't look over 5 pounds overweight unless i take shirt off) I would compare body to that of a football player due to the shape and because I am naturally well built, although i am pretty unhealthy and very out of shape. I have basically NO abs whatsoever, and I have large biceps but they are surrounded by a layer of fat so I don't look muscular in any way.

Diet: 50% of the time I don't have breakfast. The other 50%, I grab some cereal, or make an omelet, or even a sandwich. I would love to wake up earlier and prepare a nice healthy meal with fruit and vegetables. If you know of anything healthy and simple i could make for breakfast (or any meal for that matter) if you could let me know that'd help a lot!

Lunch: I have lunch at school around 11 PM. Every day I have a sandwich with meat/cheese, mayonaisse, mustard/peppers, a bag of chips, and a cookie or two. This surely needs to change. I am open to anything as long as it keeps me from being hungry during class, as school is number one priority and i don't want to be distracted.

I get home around 3:30 PM and usually have a small snack, the smallest being a granola bar, and sometimes even a whole burrito. This isn't even an actual mealtime, its just a snack, and i sometimes indulge way too much.

Dinner: Usually big meals (meat, carbs like potatoes or fries, salad, pasta) the usual american family dinners. I notice that I really eat more than I should for this meal and I'm taking any suggestions you all have for me.

Note: I LOVE to eat. I like to eat carbs like pasta and sandwiches, cookies, ice cream, noodles of any kind, soups, meats. I can find the self discipline in myself not to eat some of these unhealthy foods if I can get some advice about exercise and a diet plan of sorts.

If you could take a minute to read all or just parts of this, and most importantly leave some advice, that would really be a huge help to me. I can commit to this if I can find the smallest bit of support as I have no experience with working out or dieting. I will be posting pictures if improvements are made as well.

Thanks to everyone who reads this, and especially anyone who can help me out by leaving advice.
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Re: Help Please!

Post by Boss Man »

Simple ideas.

For Dinner have the smaller portion, so when you're being offered a bit Meat and potato dinner or a big Pasta dinner, just ask if you can sort the portions out yourself. You're 15, so I doubt your Mum or Dad are going to say you can't spoon pasta onto a bowl, incase you might drop it, it's adults woirk that is, so give yourself more control over such portions when you can, or suggest that perhaps a little less food be cooked in the first place.

Quick Breakfast options.

1. Sandwich

2. Bowl of Cereal and a couple of scrambled Eggs.

3. Some Chicken, Ham or Turkey, an Apple and a small pot of Yoghurt. The Chicken, Ham and Turkey could be brought sliced in a packet.

4. Beans on Toast.

5. Scrambled Eggs on toast

6. Low Fat Cheese grilled on some toast, or use the two slices and make a Cheese Sandwich.

7. Omelette and a glass of Juice.

8. Same idea as number 3, but swap the Yoghurt and Apple for a small portion of higher Carb Nuts, like Chestnuts, Groundnuts, Cashews, or keep the Apple and have lower Carb Nuts like Macadamias, Brazils, Hazelnuts etc.

With some of those you can have things like Cracked Black Pepper. Sea salt, or a little chopped Parsley, but for cereal options you could experiment with a little ground Ginger, ground Nutmeg, Honey, Flax or Cinnmon, or more than one of those mixed in.
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Re: Help Please!

Post by toddhicks209 »

In regard to your request for getting a quick nutritious breakfast, you can fulfill it with cereal, fruit and toast.
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