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Help me

Post by shalaleon »

Hello everyone

I am 19 this year,67kg and 1.73m

I have been working out alot to look lean like those abercrombie

However, i am very sad because there does not seem to be progress =(

I hate chest seems that the layer of fats there will never go away....what should i do about it?

I gym quite often and burn about 300-400 calories on the threadmill each time..i also do exercises for back, chest and shoulder area.. but i am worried that since there is a layer of fats there, won't working out the muscles there make the fats more prominent?

What should i do>??
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Re: Help me

Post by Boss Man »

What foods do you eat and what times do you eat?
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Re: Help me

Post by toddhicks209 »

Working out your muscles and making them bigger will reduce your layer of fat instead of making it more prominent.
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