Help needed before March 1!

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Help needed before March 1!

Post by DaMonk »

I'm a 15 year old basketball player and I need help!
I'm going to try out for a team March 1 and I need to get better at cardio, because right now, I'm really slow and I run really bad.
I get tired quickly, but I can continue running in a very slow speed.
I know it's going to take more than 9-10 days, but I am going to continue to work cardio out.
We are going for a 5 km long jogging run in the morning outside and I don't want to be the last one coming in, it will make a bad impression on the coach.

*Do I have to run everyday till March 1?
*Do I have to run longer runs everyday?
*What exercises can I do?

Thank you!
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Re: Help needed before March 1!

Post by Boss Man »

I wouldn't run every day, try running 5 ays a week using a 3 days running, 1 off, 2 days running 1, off system, so you don't run for 5 days straight and 2 days off, as the 2 ays off in a row might eat into progress.

As far as exercises, the only way to get better at basketball would be to practive sprints, accelleration practice, vertical leap practice, skills training obviously, chose the right footwear and strength training.

You may need to increase calories as fatigue could be down to a slightly inadeqaute carbohydrate intake and carbohydrates, (hydrated carbons), would be good for topping up your bodies water stores as well as fluid intake might be another factor in fatigue as the water would in the carbs would provide more xoygen.

More oxygen means more oxygen to muscles which can reduce lactic acid buildup because lactic occurs when muscle glycogen gets used without sufficient oxygen present and as ATP, the energy source that helps muscles contract has an oxygen attachment, it would benefit that as well.

Hopefully I haven't baffled you with any of that, apologies if I have, but it's highlighting the possibility for diet and fluid intake to be assessed, should you feel one or both of those is not adequate right now.
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Re: Help needed before March 1!

Post by toddhicks209 »

You said that you get tired quickly. If this is the case, you are probably not eating right and getting enough cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis.
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