will I get flat?!?!

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will I get flat?!?!

Post by gonkevin17 »

I weigh 160 5'8 17 year old guy. If I jog two miles and do 10 50 yards sprints monday-friday and no junk food for a month. Drink 2L of water everyday, and 100 pushups monday-friday can i lose love handles and get abs?? Within a month? Oh, and if I drink a protein shake after I work out and vitamins everyday. Or should I drink the protein in the morning since I have no time for breakfast? Which protein bar is good to get??

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Re: will I get flat?!?!

Post by vamp »

Breakfast... you are still growing and your body needs it!!

8 ounce water (1 normal glass)
1 orange
1 hardboiled egg
1 piece cheese (portion size can be seen on package)
1 banana


8 ounces water
2 piece toast with peanut butter
1 banana, apple or orange

(this can be prepared in 2 minutes and eaten in less than 5) set the alarm 10 minutes earlier and you have fueled your day and started your metabolism out well!

don't waste your money on a protein bar... by a bag of unsalted almonds or walnuts and eat about an ounce (one fist full) as a snack instead, much healthier and just as easy, add an apple and a carrot and you got a great filling meal!

you can boil a dozen eggs at the beginning of each week and have lots for the week or just do 7... one for each day! Also, if you drink a glass of water every time, before you eat, you will eat less.

In the exercise forum, look for boss man's posts about body weight programs to try 3x per week and do your sprints on opposite days to them. Try your 2 mile jog on your off day or make it a hike or bike ride, do it for enjoyment with some buddies or play a pickup game of basketball, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, whatever... make it a fun day.

Not sure why a month is a magic number for you but this will definitely help and something you can continue .....

vitamins are a great idea but everyday Wal-mart brand is cheaper and just as beneficial as the ones you are showing in the pic. The protein isn't really needed if you eat protein at each meal with the body type exercises ( opinion save your money for date night!)
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Re: will I get flat?!?!

Post by toddhicks209 »

You should be more specific while asking if you will get flat.
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