Home exercise routine befitting goals

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Home exercise routine befitting goals

Post by xXNekoFanXx »

Hello there!

I've had a lot (And I mean a LOT) of free time lately, just sitting around at home. I've started getting into practicing pull-ups on a pull-up bar, doing push ups, crunches, and everything to see what I can do. And I've been getting better. And I thought hey, Instead of just messing around in no order, just seeing what I can do, why don't I seriously start working towards some fitness goals.

And here I am!

So I'll give you the basic rundown. I'm about 16 1/2 years old, () and I spend most of time at home, here, on this computer. (How boring, I know!) And to top it off, I'm taking high school curriculum online. So I'm stuck here at home, I got the wonders of the internet, and while I've been doing this for years, it isn't necessarily the best for me.

Like I said, I've been starting to get into exercising for once. I wouldn't say I've been especially out of shape, but I'm not really in shape either. I'm about 5 feet, 11 inches, and weight about 125 pounds.
Here are achievements of few random exercises I've started to pick up on. (I've researched the correct form and everything on these, and I can for any more exercises suggested.)

Pull-ups/Chin-ups: 10 (I have a Gold's Gym door pull-up bar, I can do about 10 in every grip.)
Push ups: 30 (This is a recent achievement, so I pretty much just completely drop after 30)
Crunches: 30

So I've looked into other exercises, however without any routing it's been difficult to really do much of them. So those three are the ones I've gotten into. But I want more than just those, specifically ones befitting goals, which I will tell you about now.

I'm kind of tall, thin, and a bit clumsy. I have never really gotten into sports, because I'm just godawful at them. But I've found running to be something, easy to do, and I can do well to get body working. It's not the most fun thing in the world though, I like to move around more. Like the other week, I went hiking. I thought screw the trail and went hopping on rocks in the river, and clambering up steep hills, I love these kind of things, and like to pretend I'm good at them but well, I'm not really that great.

While I do want to put on some extra muscle and look better like any other teenage guy, something I've always wanted was agility. I'd like to be more flexible, have better balance, to be able to run around more freely with control instead of briefly having fun and then hurting myself ahah. So I want a home exercise routine that I can use to focus on that as well, instead of just general fitness.

I don't know many exercises, but I'm smart enough to research them and learn how to properly do things. So I'm open to almost anything in that regard. However I need things I can do at home, I'm not really able to go for weights and stuff, but those aren't necessarily required for personal goals. I'm fine being more of a lightweight, as long as I'm a fit one!

I want to take this seriously so any tips aside from a routine are more than welcome! Such as things like what to watch out for in diet.

And as for the routine I'm looking for pretty much a weekly schedule, with suggested exercises, stretches, etc. (I don't need descriptions if it's something I can figure out easily on own.)

Thanks a lot for your time! It'd mean a lot to me if someone can help out here! :3
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Re: Home exercise routine befitting goals

Post by Boss Man »

Hi there Neko, good to speak to you.

This might work for you as a routine.

Pull-ups, 2 sets 10 reps.

Push-ups, 2 sets 10 reps, wide arm position.

Good mornings, 2 sets 10 reps.

Squats, 2 sets 10 reps

Lunges, 2 sets 10 reps.

Planks 30-45 seconds.

You would do this 3x a week every other day.

As for more flexibility, search Youtube for some yoga exercises and try and incorporate some basic ones into a short routine, like cat pose, child pose, tree pose, etc and do that every day. You'll only need about 10 minutes worth of stuff.

You can then use the yoga to precede a workout as well, so you're warmed up for the workout.

Hopefully that helps :).
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