Umm first time going to the gym

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Umm first time going to the gym

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OK I'll finally be 14 pretty soon and over the summer dad plans on taking me to the gym with him. I happy but I don't like stares. I know well that nobodys worried about me but the thought of stare really scare me. I sticking with home work outs til the summer but I don't really like them. I wanna push limits but home environment won't really allow me too. Im so weird well any ugh advice??
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Re: Umm first time going to the gym

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Hey there YFG, good to talk to you.

Firstly, no you're not weird, you're concerned about your own feelings and about being comfortable in new surroundings and that's certainly nothing to be ashamed, or embarrassed about, so you're definitely not weird you're human and that's totally okay :).

The second thing to overcome is the potential of people staring at you. I can appreciate completely that you feel like this, as obviously at your age and being female, there is clearly some kind of self consciousness issue, but most people in gyms won't star anyway and if anyone does, just try your best not to get bothered by it.

I'm sure if anyone's behaviour crossed any sort of lines, which I'm sure it wouldn't a member of staff and / or your father would have a polite word, so try not to worry too much about this.

I want to say GOOD LUCK and tell you I'm so proud of you for taking these steps, because this is the rest of your life we're talking about and eventually it's about being as strong and as fit as you want to be and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, because if you work hard at it and do it properly, you WILL get the results you will deserve.

Be proud of yourself for every bit of effort up to now and proud of what you've chosen to do with your life because you should be. You're a smart young Lady with a potentially great physical future ahead of yourself and I think a target for you to aim for would be 115-120lbs of lean muscular condition by the age of 18 / 19 years old and then working hard to maintain that for the rest of your life, or working to become stronger still if you want to.

You sound like a absolute sweetheart and your dad sounds like a great bloke for encouraging you to be active and healthy with your life, but if there is anything else we can do to help you let us know and please, please do keep us informed of how you're getting on, as we always like to know how people progress and do well and we will give you as much support as we realistically can okay :).

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