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Need advice

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I am 13 year old and I have just completed the insanity max 30 workout. weight is 56.3 kg and height is 172.5 cm and body fat percent is 9. I wanted to know that should I continue the workout or should I do something else to remain fit. Also will it be safe for body to do such exercises
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Re: Need advice

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Hi DS good to speak to you.

I do not know a lot about this regime, but you need to be careful, because if you're doing a lot of high impact stuff then your bones might not be able to take it at your age, because of all the shock and pressure being loaded on areas like the ankles, knees and hips.

You might be better if you want to get fitter combining a mild running regime, with a body weight workout, which we could assist you with if necessary, but it depends on how high intensity the workout you're doing actually is and how long it lasts and does it involve a lot of plyometric exercises, which are exercises that incorporate a jumping element.
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