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help with exercises

Post by niomi.ande »

Im a 17 years old girl, im 5‘4 tall and i weight around 53kg. i dont really want to lose weight but i want to get a bigger butt without getting much bugger thighs because they‘re already a bit muscular. I run 4 days a week , around 4-6K each session. in hills and also on flat ground.

do you have any good tips on how to get a bigger butt? it doesn‘t have to go fast... i also want some exercises for chest, back and abs if you know any good! And by the way, i dont have access to a gym... :(


(maybe this is where i should post this? idk hahah im sorry guys)
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Re: help with exercises

Post by Boss Man »

Hi Niomi, good to talk to you.

This should work for you and it doesn't require any equipment

Squats, 2 sets, 10 reps

Lunges, 2 sets, 10 reps

Good mornings, 2 sets, 10 reps

Vertical flyes, 2 sets, 10 reps

Bent over rows, 2 sets, 10 reps

Shrugs, 2 sets, 10 reps

Planks, 30 - 45 seconds

You increase the planks by 5 seconds a week until you can do around 90 seconds

You do this 3 times a week every other day

I terms of the running you do, I would limit your activity to 5 days a week so you're not overdoing it a bit too much; so you could have this sort of system in place.

Day 1. Workout

Day 2. Running

Day 3. Workout + running

Day 4. Day off

Day 5. Running

Day 6. Workout + running

Day 7. Day off
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Re: help with exercises

Post by mattengland »

Don't run anywhere near as much.

Lots of squats, lunges and romanian deadlifts. You'll need to eat more as well. Don't worry about 'getting big' - it's really not that easy to get muscular, especially in the upper body for females.
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Re: help with exercises

Post by AnthonyDee »

The main function of the glutes is hip extension.

Try exercises such as:
- hip thrusts
- reverse lunges
- cable hip extensions
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Re: help with exercises

Post by toddhicks209 »

Speaking of hip extension, I'll add that you can strengthen your hips and buttocks well by pushing your head down then bringing it back up from front to back and side to side. You can also do hip and butt isometrics by pushing your hands against these body parts.
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Re: help with exercises

Post by Ashy123 »

Another tip- try using a resistance band. You can buy them super cheap from ebay. Some exercises for growing your glutes:
-Banded side steps (place band just above knees, in squat position, side step 20 steps one way and then back the other)
-Glute kickbacks (with band around ankles, stand on 1 foot and kick the other out behind you, squeezing glute at the top)
-Banded hip thrusts (place band just above knees, with upper back on a bench/chair, both feet planted on the ground, thrust hips up to a table position, squeeze glutes at the top)
-Paused box squats (place band above knees, with feet just outside hip width, squat down to a low chair, pause and stand up, squeezing glutes throughout movement)

Good luck!
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Re: help with exercises

Post by Jackri »

I can't do much exercise at daily basis but there are some steps that really help me to keep fit myself at regular basis...
Twist Crunches.
Side Crunch.
Reverse Crunches.
Vertical Leg Crunch.
Bicycle Exercise.
Lunge Twist.
Rolling Plank Exercise.
as i am a self made person so the exercise is highly beneficial for me i just follow 3 to 4 best of the above list sometimes follow all and keep myself on trac in busy routine. :clap: :clap: :clap:
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