Is this good progress?

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Is this good progress?

Post by Wintorr »

So I am 17 years old, started off at around 5'9, 125 pounds about 2 months ago and now I am 145 pounds. I do a full body routine 3 times a week... (Squats, DB Bench, Lat pulldowns, overhead press, dips, curls). Only thing is i completely skipped squats until last week. So i wasnt doing any exercises for legs until i realised it is a huge mistake last week hehe. When it comes to eating, I try to eat 3000 cals a day, and sometimes go above that. Anyways I just want to know if im doing alright or not.

This is progress in the gym:
Squat - Started doing it last week So doing 40kg for 10 reps.
DB Bench - Started off with like 10kg dbs in each hand doing a few reps... Now I do 17.5kg dbs for 12 reps
Lat pulldowns - Only started doing these recently, I do 50kg for 12 reps, idk if thats good or not xD
OH Press - Started off with 8kg dbs for 10 reps... now can do 10kg for 10 reps
Dips - Started off doing bench dips, was able to only do 10 dips. Then progressed to being able to do 30 bench dips... and now I started doing actual weighted dips and can do 5 of them.
Curls - Started with 7kg dbs for 6 reps, now can do 10kg for 6-8 reps... but I end up doing less since i started doing the curls at the end of workout so biceps are already hit pretty hard so i do like 9kg dbs for 12 reps on first set, then lower to 8kg dbs for like 6-8 reps!

When it comes to visual progress, when i was 125 pounds I obviously had like flat chest and 10 inch arms hehe... Now chest has popped up a bit, a thin layer of fat around core, arms are now 12 inches and when I bring down shoulder and tighten core I can actually feel the lats xD

Thanks for taking the time to read this whole thing and please be honest... tell me if Im doing alright or not and if u have any tips, feel free to share them!
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Re: Is this good progress?

Post by Ashy123 »

Any progress is good progress :) Considering your numbers are going up in the gym and your body is changing... I'd say you're on the right track! Keep it up!
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