Some advice would help

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Some advice would help

Post by Stephenwh »

Hey I'm 17 just over 5'10 and I'm 195 pounds and I'm trying to loose weight and build muscle ( you know the most basic thing to say) and I'm not to educated on dieting and what exercises I should be doing . I can't go to the gym just can't afford it but I do own own weights and have a tredmill . Right now I'm doing this as daily routine
20with bar squats
10 push ups
20 walking lunges
10 dumbbell rows
15 second plank
30 jumping Jacks
Repeat for 3 rounds
Any advice or tips would help thank you.
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Re: Some advice would help

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Hi Stephen good to talk to you.

What sort of weights do you currently use, as your disclosure was not that specific? How heavy are they?
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