Body Fat Analyzer

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Body Fat Analyzer

Post by yshuqi »

Hello! So I just bought a body fat analyzer + weight + body water analyzer yesterday that costs me about 133USD.

It allows me to key in details like height, age, and normal or athletic status.

The thing is after keying the datas of myself yesterday, body fat was 22.6% and water was 56%. age is 24 y.o and I exercise about 5-6days per week with about 30min on the workoutmachines.

Well, I checked I was in the optimal range. However, this morning, just testing it out again after weighing myself and body fat+water, the results was tremendously DIFFERENT!

It was 29.6% body fat + 52% ! I was so sure yesterday night when I was measuring myself, stats was 22.6%!
The only thing i did yesterday was using the slimming massage belt after weighing myself for awhile and that's all! And it's suppose to help me break down fatty tissue in the tummy etc.

Anyway, I was wondering, how do I lose body fat? I'm so depressed that I didn't make any progress in weight when I cut down on calorie intake to 1200 calories and starting to exercise regularly now. Sigh.

Also, are there any specific requirement on the clothes I wear when weighing body fat and water analaysis? Realised the results were different after putting jeans on. LOL.

FYI, machine uses a scientific method called Bio-electric Impedance Analysis (BIA). With the BIA technology, an undetectable current is passed through your body via the bare feet and the bio-electric impedance measured will determine the level of body fat.

weight: 126lbs
height: 5.11feet
waist: 27"
age: 24
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Re: Body Fat Analyzer

Post by Fitafter50 »

Because the results are dependent on your hydration level, you should always use your body fat scale under the same circumstances. scale's instructions say you shouldn't eat or workout within 2 hours of using the scale. I'm guessing that the difference in your measurements had to do with the fact that we get dehydrated when we sleep. ( scale also advises that you use it naked, and dampen the bottom of your feet to maximize the conductivity.)

At 5'11" and 126 pounds, you are on the thin side. It sounds likes like you should be more focused on building muscle than losing body fat at this time.
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