Flappy skin

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Flappy skin

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I am presently 209 lbs and i started trainning a month ago and dieting. I looked at many of your pictures and read your success story but I wonder when you loose more than 70 lbs, what happen to the excess skin?
(i am french Canadien, i read english but do not write very well, so i want to apologize if i do not express myself correctly)
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Re: Flappy skin

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Hi Nath, good to talk to you and honestly no need to apologise :).

Excess skin largely depends on things like how stretched the skin became in the first place, how much elastin got damaged and how quickly weight loss occurs.

If you imagine elastin as like elastic bands, you can stretch elastin so much then it will snap and then the springy nature of skin to remould itself to reshaped bodily contours, will be compromised because the skin would lose some of it's ability to become more taught in response to the weight loss and the reshaping of some of the bodies contours.

So it's possible if you lose more than 70lbs you might get little to no excess skin depending on the damage to the skins elastin content and how quickly or slowly the weight loss occurred.

Hopefully that makes things more clear for you :).
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