how to get over obese lady mentality

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how to get over obese lady mentality

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I'm trying to be polite, but quite frankly, its better known as the "fat girl" mentality. I'm sorry, I don't mean any offense. The bottom line is, I have a little body dysmorphia going on. I look in the mirror after losing 55 lbs and several sizes and still focus and zone in on the fat left primarily around the hips and upper thighs. Everyone else see a slim new me.

As well, even though I feel much healthier and pain is almost completely gone I feel clunky and big. What in the world do I do to get over it!!? Yes, I still honestly have weight to lose and toning to achieve but I am FAR from the obese woman I was a year ago. It makes me feel so vulnerable and insecure.

Being a perfectionist and Type A personality does not help the situation. I need some advice or just knock me upside the head!

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Re: how to get over obese lady mentality

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I think just give it time. Keep working on the areas you want to improve on and I think it slowly will happen you don't think that way anymore.
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